Wrocław Panthers sign kicking derby event winner Jakub Ałdaś

The Polish European League of Football franchise has signed the best kicker off their kicking derby in November.

April 6, 2023
Chris Hahn
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Wrocław Panthers sign kicking derby event winner Jakub Ałdaś
Jakub Ałdaś joins the Panthers in the European League of Football. © Wrocław Panthers

Wrocław Panthers have signed kicker Jakub Ałdaś for upcoming European League of Football season. Next to Konrad Stępień and Dawid Pańczyszyn, the former soccer player will be the third kicker and or punter in the roster. What’s special about Ałdaś is that he was signed off winning the kicking derby by the Panthers in November. The event brought up some talent from other sports in the region, also showing that Ałdaś deserved a chance in the roster.

The former first polish soccer division midfielder for Chrobry Glogow won 5000 Złoty in the event and now has won one of the few popular roster spots. At 1,87 m and 106 kg, maybe Ałdaś will be the next Eric Schlomm – coming from a soccer program before joining the league, as well. Jakub Ałdaś got hooked by the competitive nature of the game.


"I never even thought about it in my life - until I took part in the Kicking Derby organized by Panthers Wrocław […] an event in which the Wrocław club was looking for a player for the position of kicker. Throughout my life, soccer has been my greatest passion," he said. Last season, he experienced the atmosphere against the Berlin Thunder and loved the franchise. For Ałdaś, the sky is the limit. 60-yard field goals? "I will try it!" he said. His goal is, to play American football on the highest possible level for a long time.


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