Jul 1st 10:00, by ELF Communications

Playoff picture after Week 6: Who's in and who's not?


Jul 1st 10:00, by ELF Communications

Playoff picture after Week 6: Who's in and who's not?

We have already made it six weeks through the regular season of the 2024 European League of Football. So, let's take a look at where teams are in the early renderings of the playoff picture.

There are only two undefeated teams left in the league: Stuttgart Surge and Vienna Vikings. They grab the Semi-Finalist-spots, that’s an easy one. But what about the teams behind them?


1) Vienna Vikings (6-0)
As it stands now, the Vikings would hold the top spot in the post-season as the road to the ELF Championship Game in Gelsenkirchen would go through Vienna. They would also enjoy a first-round bye week and play the next lowest-seeded team.

2) Stuttgart Surge (5-0)

The Surge's impressive run continues as they are the top team in the Central Conference once again. The 2023 runner-ups won all five of their games this season, and have just one less win than the Vikings making them the second seed in this exercise. At this moment they would enjoy a playoff bye-week, at least one home playoff game, and play the second-lowest seed to advance.


Wildcard Round:


Madrid Bravos (3-1) at Rhein Fire (5-1)

Rhein Fire climbs up the ladder due to their win against the Bravos this Saturday. Currently we would see a another duel of these two franchises in the playoffs.

Paris Musketeers (3-1) at Raiders Tirol (5-1)

The Raiders are winning and winning. So, they are consequently in a good spot to make the playoffs. The current spot would give them a home playoff game against the fifth seed Paris.


In the hunt:

We currently have four teams with an equal record: Berlin Thunder, Frankfurt Galaxy, Hamburg Sea Devils and Milano Seamen. At this stage of the season, still, (nearly) everything is possible in regards of the playoffs. There is a lot of football yet to be played.


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