Championship Game 2024 will take place at Veltins-Arena/Gelsenkirchen!

Scroll down for all Ticket information about the Championship Game 2024 of the European League of Football at the legendary Veltins-Arena, Gelsenkirchen.


The Championship Game 2024

Experience the epic 2024 Championship Game of the European League of Football live in the Veltins-Arena, Gelsenkirchen! 
Be there on September 22, 2024 to witness a historic event as Europe's best football teams battle for the title and crown the winner of the year. Immerse yourself in the electrifying atmosphere, enthusiasm and excitement that make this event so unique. Don't miss the chance to be part of this thrilling football story and secure your tickets now to be one of the 55,000 excited spectators who will experience this spectacle in the Veltins-Arena 2024!




VIP-TICKET (299€):

Not only do you want the ultimate view of the European League of Football Championship Game 2024, but you also want to experience the unique highlight character away from the game, then these tickets are for you!
With unbeatable all-inclusive food and beverages, you'll have another highlight besides the game to make your weekend special! With With these premium tickets you have first-class seats along the two sidelines of the football field and have the perfect view of every single play from the best seats in the Stadium.




Category 1 (90€):  

You will be seated exclusively on both long sides of the pitch, giving you the best mix of view and fan feeling at the same time.
Enjoy the action up close, with an unsurpassed view of the players and the pitch. 
The seats in this category offer an impressive and intense live experience and an experience you will never forget This category is ideal for ambitious fans who want to experience CG 2024 in a very special way.



Category 2 (70€):

With these tickets you have a great view of the game as you experience the game from the upper tier on both long sides.
Enjoy the perfect overview of game action from here and all this from a perfect elevated position.
If you want to experience one of the best views of the game and at the same time experience the whole fan feeling, then nothing leads you around these tickets.


Category 3 (50€):

With these tickets you sit directly behind the two end zones and experience the game from above in the upper tier. 
From here you have a kind of quarterback perspective and experience and see the game like no other in the stadium.
You are very close to every end zone action and at the same time you have an overview of the whole field of play. 
Experience the unique touchdown actions of the teams and be there with the other fans and the players to celebrate the points won.


Category 4 (40€):

These tickets offer you a unique perspective, because only you can see the entire field from one of the four corners of the stadium.
You have this unique panoramic view of the entire stadium and the game action. 
And it allows you to experience the other fans, the atmosphere and excitement of the final game and feel along and all this at a top price.


Exclusive Sideline-Experience Tickets

Closer to the field? No problem in 2024! With our exclusive sideline-experience tickets, you'll get the opportunity to join both Championship Game teams and inhale the tension in the middle of it all.