Jul 5th 11:00, by Felix Pahl

Week 7 top matchups: Revenge duels dominate the weekend

Rico Doninelli

Jul 5th 11:00, by Felix Pahl

Week 7 top matchups: Revenge duels dominate the weekend

Raiders Wide Receivers vs. Vikings Defensive Backs

In their first game against each other this season, this duel was one of the key reasons why the Raiders lost and the Vikings won. The Raiders Tirol managed only 51 passing yards in that game, thanks to the strong coverage work by the Vikings defensive backs. Both teams have seen changes, with N’Kosi Perry now as the Raiders' quarterback and their star wide receiver Darion Chafin on IR. Juan Carlos Angulo is now Perry's main target. On the Vikings' side, they have lost both A-import defensive backs, Exavier Edwards and Hunter Nichols, to injuries. New players have been brought in to replace them. The question is, can they fill the gaps and achieve a similar result, or will the Raiders' wide receivers take advantage of Edwards and Nichols' absence?

Milano Seamen D-Line vs. Helvetic Mercenaries O-Line

This is also the second meeting between these teams, revealing weaknesses on both sides. Since their last match, Milano has improved to a 3-3 record, while the Mercenaries remain winless at 0-5. The Seamen have shown clear development, especially on offense, and their defense has consistently performed well, as seen in their first game against the Mercenaries. The key matchup was the Mercenaries' offensive line against the Seamen's defensive line, highlighting the O-line's struggles to protect quarterback Carlton Aiken Jr. If they can't protect him again, a similar result to the first game is likely.

Luke Zahradka vs. Ja'len Embry

The Frankfurt franchise has steered their season in the right direction with their win against the Hamburg Sea Devils in Week 6. With a 2-2 record, the Galaxy are aiming for the playoffs. However, the Madrid Bravos present a tough challenge. The Bravos were undefeated until they faced the previous year's champions, Rhein Fire. The Bravos want to show that their loss was just a fluke and that they are true playoff contenders. For Frankfurt, it's crucial to protect the ball as the Bravos play physically. Quarterback Luke Zahradka, who has 8 touchdowns but also 6 interceptions in 4 games, must avoid turnovers. The Bravos' Ja'len Embry, the interception leader, will be eager to add to his tally. To win, Frankfurt must protect the ball and win the turnover battle.

Ja'len Embry is the interception leader. ©Alejandro Matias

Sea Devils D-Line vs. Musketeers O-Line

This game is also a rematch. In their first encounter, the Musketeers won decisively, a game the Sea Devils want to forget. The key to this matchup is whether the Sea Devils' defensive line can generate pressure, preventing Musketeers' quarterback Zach Edwards from having ample time to make decisions and allowing his receivers to get open. They also need to stop the run, as the Musketeers' offensive line made it too easy to protect their QB and create running lanes. To keep their playoff hopes alive and stay close to the leading trio in their conference, the Sea Devils must win this game and send a message to their rivals that they are a team to be reckoned with.

Anthony Perkins Jr. vs. Matthew Vitale

It might sound unusual for two players of the same position to be directly compared, but these quarterbacks are crucial for their respective teams. Both teams had a rough start to the season and made changes. The Prague Lions brought in Anthony Perkins Jr., returning to Europe after 2018. The Wroclaw Panthers brought back Matthew Vitale, who played for them last season, throwing for 1,773 passing yards, 20 touchdowns, and five interceptions. Both QBs are expected to boost their struggling offenses. The game will show which quarterback can prove his value and lead his team to victory.

Cologne Offense vs. Rhein Fire Defense

The Cologne defense has great potential, as shown in Week 1 when they managed to contain Rhein Fire for parts of the game. Last weekend, they also looked good for a while against the Musketeers. However, Cologne struggles to maintain their performance for a full four quarters. They kept up with both Rhein Fire and the Musketeers until a late-game collapse allowed their opponents to score heavily. To relieve their defense and give them time to rest, Cologne's offense needs to stay on the field and protect the ball. The Rhein Fire defense will try to force Cologne into bad decisions from the start. The winner of this battle will likely win the game, but who will it be in the end?

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