Jul 12th, 2023 16:00, by Tim Hanswillemenke

Week 6 Power Ranking – Guards and Sea Devils move up, Panthers move down

Let's see where all teams in the European League of Football rank before Week 7!

Jul 12th, 2023 16:00, by Tim Hanswillemenke

Week 6 Power Ranking – Guards and Sea Devils move up, Panthers move down

Let's see where all teams in the European League of Football rank before Week 7!

After Week 6 is in the books, the third European League of Football season is nearing the half-way point of the regular season. Let’s see where I rank the teams before Week 7 kicks off!

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Rhein Fire stays where they are for now. I doubt that there is a team at the moment who could beat out Rhein Fire for the top spot on this list.

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There are only three teams in the European League of Football without any losses this season and the Vikings are one of them. They have to stay at number two on this ranking as one of the favorites to reach the Championship Game this September.  

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The Stuttgart Surge fought a hard battle against the Paris Musketeers but ended up on the winning side. For me, adding Darrell Stewart Jr. was a genius move as it gives German quarterback Jan Weinreich two American wide receivers alongside Louis Geyer and Yannick Mayr. With their strong defense, the Surge could go all the way this year after winning no game at all in 2022.  

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The Raiders lost their second game of the season. But both of their losses come from matchups against teams in the top three of this list. Adding to that, I believe that only Rhein Fire has what it takes to beat the Vikings at this stage.  

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The Frankfurt Galaxy escaped a loss in a rather sloppy game by the German franchise. The Milano Seamen had a solid game with moving the ball in all four quarters, ending in a dramatic back and forth between the two teams in the last quarter close to the end of the game. But what really impressed me was the Galaxy wide receiver group. American wide receiver was held to only one catch the entire game, but especially Nico Strahmann stepped up and used this opportunity to help his team win.

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The Berlin Thunder just dominated the Fehérvár Enthroners as many other teams did as well before them. But I still like Slade Jarman as the quarterback of the Thunder as he does what Berlin needs: get the ball to your best playmakers. Jarman spread the ball all over the field again with tight end Nicolai Schuman, running back Tim Schulz, and wide receivers Robin Wilzeck, Bais Kouanda, and Aaron Jackson all scoring through the air at least once.

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The Hamburg Sea Devils beat the Wroclaw Panthers and move up two spots. They had a great gameplan by exploiting the Panthers weaknesses: stopping the run defensively and being one-dimensional in the passing game with Tony Tate. The Sea Devils ended up with almost 300 rushing yards and only allowed Tate to catch on pass that ended up being a touchdown throughout the entire game.

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The Panthers are a strong team. But as I pointed out already, they rank dead-last in rushing yards allowed and are also too one-dimensional in their passing game with Tony Tate. That’s what cost them the game against the Sea Devils and could potentially be the reason they will lose against other teams in the future.

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The Musketeers move down one spot after losing against the Stuttgart Surge. However, they stay in the top ten because of their overall performance. They almost produced more than double the rushing yards (157) and double the passing yards (264) compared to the Stuttgart Surge but were still able to only score once on a deep pass to wide receiver Larose. In my opinion, the Musketeers will only get better every week. But will that be enough to reach the playoffs?

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The Munich Ravens faced another tough challenged as they lost against Rhein Fire on the road. But they were able to stay in scoring distance throughout the entire game which almost every other team struggled with. Therefore, I keep the Ravens at ten despite their negative record.

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The Milano Seamen fought a hard battle against the Frankfurt Galaxy. But at the end, it was not enough. The three interceptions by Seamen quarterback Luke Zahradka were just too much to recover from in this close game. 

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The Barcelona Dragons came fresh off a bye week and were stunned by the Helvetic Guards and their new quarterback. The Barcelona Dragons played undisciplined football resulting in 14 total penalties for 130 yards. Quarterback Conor Miller also threw three interceptions, and the Dragons offense could only convert three out of 13 third-downs while scoring only one touchdown in five trips to the red zone. The Dragons have to react to this loss if they want to still have a shot at the playoffs!

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The Cologne Centurions stay at 13 after their bye week. They will be 2-4 after Week 7 because of the automatic win over the Leipzig Kings because of their withdrawal from the 2023 season because of financial reasons, as further elaborated in the league’s statement. 

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The Prague Lions move up one spot because the Leipzig Kings announced their withdrawal from the European League of Football for the 2023 season because of financial reasons, as further elaborated in the league’s statement.

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The Helvetic Guards pick up their first win of the season with their new QB1 Skylar Noble against the Barcelona Dragons. The most important aspect for the Guards offense was to get running back and wide receiver Silas Nacita out in the open field and away from playing quarterback. The Guards were also able to play a solid game on defense with three total picks and allowing only three third-down conversion on 13 attempts.

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The Fehérvár Enthroners stay at 16 after another crushing loss. It was a tough first European League of Football game for new Enthroners quarterback Kevin Doyle Jr., but his team was simply not able to move the ball or to stop the Thunder from scoring. Let’s see what Dolye Jr. is able to do with the Enthroners after one more week of preparation.

Editorial Note: The Leipzig Kings do not appear in this power ranking because of their withdrawal from the 2023 season, as further elaborated in the official statement from the European League of Football. 

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