Jun 14th 12:00, by Felix Pahl

Week 4 top matchups: Key battles to watch

Svenja Sabatini

Jun 14th 12:00, by Felix Pahl

Week 4 top matchups: Key battles to watch

Devin Heckstall vs. Chandler Jones

Devin Heckstall had a rough start for his new team, the Rhein Fire, managing just one catch for eight yards. The game itself was not good for Rhein Fire as they suffered their first loss since 2022 against a strong franchise from Madrid. Heckstall will look to improve in the next game when they face the Paris Musketeers. On the other hand, Chandler Jones had a very different weekend. His Musketeers won a close game against the Frankfurt Galaxy with a score of 25-22. Jones played a big role in the victory. The American defensive back made highlights with his two interceptions against Markell Castle. His next big matchup is against Devin Heckstall, and more highlights are expected from Jones.

Dwayne Obi vs. Centurions Linebackers

Dwayne Obi, along with Willie Patterson, carried the offense for the Madrid Bravos, especially after quarterback Chris Helbig's injury. Obi was unstoppable for the Rhein Fire defense. He recorded 149 rushing yards and 2 touchdowns on 24 rushes, averaging 6.2 yards per rush. The Centurions, who will face Obi this weekend, are coming off a bye week and likely focused their training on stopping Obi. It will be interesting to see if the freshness of the linebackers and extra preparation time will be the key to success for Cologne.

Berlin Thunder Offensive Line vs. Vienna Vikings Defensive Line

Despite the injury to their quarterback Ben Holmes, the Vienna Vikings managed to narrowly beat the Wrocław Panthers. The Vikings' defense, which has been one of the best in the league since joining the ELF, stood out by allowing only 13 points from the Panthers' offense. Previously, the Panthers' offense had scored 83 points in two games. Berlin's offense is also having a strong season, scoring at least 39 points in each of their three games, winning two of them. The duel between the Thunder's offensive line and the Vikings' defensive line promises to be exciting and potentially game-deciding. Will Berlin's offense continue to perform, or will they be the next victim of the Vikings' defense?

The Vikings defense had a fantastic game against the Panthers. ©Hannes Jirgal

Milano Seamen Offense vs. Stuttgart Surge Defense

The Milano Seamen's offense struggled in the first two weeks, leading to an early coaching staff change. Tony Addona, an experienced and trusted coach, was brought in. In his first game as offensive coordinator, the Seamen secured their first win. Though not perfect, there was noticeable improvement. However, the Stuttgart Surge present a significant challenge for the Seamen. The Surge are unbeaten and have already defeated strong opponents like the Munich Ravens and the Wrocław Panthers, holding the Ravens' offense to just 5 points, showcasing their strong defensive unit. Coming off a bye week, the Surge are rested and have had extra time to study the Milano Seamen.

Joshua Flowers vs. Darion Chafin

Joshua Flowers had a strong game against Artie Henry, holding him to just one catch for nine yards. His performance helped hinder the Prague Lions' offensive play, leading to a comfortable victory for the Ravens. In the upcoming game, Flowers will face Darion Chafin and the Raiders Tirol. Chafin has had a strong season so far, with 247 receiving yards and 3 touchdowns in three games. The matchup between Flowers and Chafin will be interesting, especially seeing how Chafin performs with his new quarterback.

Carlton Aiken Jr. vs. Barcelona Dragons Defensive Line

The Helvetic Mercenaries, led by Carlton Aiken Jr., faced a tough defeat in their first game after a bye week, scoring just one touchdown against the Milano Seamen. Aiken Jr.'s dual-threat ability was well contained by the Seamen's defensive line, which could serve as a blueprint for the Barcelona Dragons. The Dragons, particularly their defense, had a game to forget, losing 63-7 to the Raiders. The Dragons' defense showed several weaknesses, which the Mercenaries will try to exploit. If the Dragons can apply similar pressure to Aiken Jr. as the Raiders did, the game could become a nail-biter where every point counts.

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