Sep 5th, 2023 16:00, by Tim Hanswillemenke

Week 14 Power Ranking – Ravens rise, Raiders fall

Let's see where all 16 teams rank after the end of the regular season!

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Sep 5th, 2023 16:00, by Tim Hanswillemenke

Week 14 Power Ranking – Ravens rise, Raiders fall

Let's see where all 16 teams rank after the end of the regular season!

After Week 14 is in the books, the third European League of Football season is ready for the playoffs! Let’s see where I rank the teams before the first round of the postseason gets underway! 

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Another win for Rhein Fire but not as dominant as usual. With a difference of only ten points, the Galaxy came very close to upset Rhein Fire in Frankfurt. But as always, the 12-0 franchise came away with the win.

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The Vikings had a strong game to end the regular season. They will now have a bye week because of their strong 12-0 season, just like Rhein Fire.

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The Frankfurt Galaxy were very close to upset Rhein Fire at home at the PSD Bank Arena. But close it not good enough. They will now face the Berlin Thunder in the Wild Card Round on Saturday at 3:15 pm CEST. Let’s see what they can do against the team from the capital city.

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The Stuttgart Surge ended the season with a bang. They will now face the Wroclaw Panthers in the Wild Card Round. Quarterback Reilley Hennessey looks to be at 100% again after spending some time on the injured reserve list. I’m intrigued to see what the Surge and their offensive weapons can do against the Wroclaw Panthers defense and their playmakers.

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As already mentioned, the Panthers showed why they are one of the top teams in the European League of Football. Although American wide receiver Tony Tate still did not manage to come back from his injury, the Panthers offense had a productive game against the Enthroners, like they should. Let’s see what they can do against the Surge in the Wild Card Round which should be one of the toughest teams they have faced all season long.

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The Berlin Thunder did it! They managed to snap the 0-5 losing streak against the Hamburg Sea Devils to clinch their spot in the postseason. But will they be able to knock off the Frankfurt Galaxy in the Wild Card Round? It will be a tough game, but the German franchise has the individual playmakers to change the outcome of a game in a split second. One sack and forced fumble by Kyle Kitchens or one 60-yard touchdown sprint by Robin Wilzeck later and you find yourself with a completely different score and momentum.

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I’m 100% certain that the Munich Ravens would have been ready to do some damage in the playoffs. They started out their first ELF season like you expect a new team to. Some losses here and there mixed in with a couple of wins. But after a few games, the German franchise started to max out their potential over the second half of the season and piled up the wins. Ending the season with a 7-5 record, I would have loved to see John Shoop and his well-coached team to have a crack at the postseason. If they manage to keep the team together, I am sure they will be a force to reckon with in 2024.

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Houston, we have a problem. Just before Week 9, the Raiders released their quarterback Christian Strong and then mutually parted ways with offensive playmaker Jarvis McClam. They then went on to sign Joe Dolincheck and Trevon Sidney as their replacements. In my opinion, this experiment failed. Going 2-2 in the last four games and losing against your rival Vienna Vikings once again to end up without a spot in the postseason for the first time since 2007? The Raiders must have thought they could reach the postseason and even do some more damage in the playoffs by replacing Strong and McClam. Well, mission failed.

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Just like the Munich Ravens, the Paris Musketeers ended the season hot! With a 4-0 winning streak at the end of the season, the Musketeers are widely believed to be a top team in the ELF right now without a shot at the playoffs. But hold your horses for just a second here. They have won all of their last four games, yes. But they end up beating the 3-9 Centurions, the 4-8 Sea Devils and the 2-10 Barcelona Dragons twice! They managed to be .500 at the end of the regular season, but they did it against low-level teams in the ELF. Nevertheless, they are a team to be reckoned with in 2024 if they can keep the majority of the players in Paris over the offseason.

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The Hamburg Sea Devils are now 5-1 against the Berlin Thunder. Week 14 did not have any high stakes for the Hanseatic franchise. They could have stopped the Thunder from clinching their playoff spot. But other than that, this was a season to forget but also to build on. The Sea Devils have a lot of young players that could make the next step in 2024.

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The Helvetic Guards stay at eleven after their loss against the 10-2 Stuttgart Surge. It was the Guards first season in the ELF. So, a 3-9 record is not too shabby considering their quarterback switch-ups and other hic-ups along the way with which a first-year team has to deal with. The Guards should be on the lookout for a new offensive playmaker because Silas Nacita officially retired from playing professional football. If you read this Silas, thanks for joining the ELF in your last year of your career to make every game you played in that much more special!

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What can I say about the Milano Seamen? Some offensive firepower, no defense. Just like the entire season, the Milano Seamen managed to put up points on the board but failed to defend their own endzone. After their head coach Stefan Pokorny stepped down yesterday, the Seamen are in for a change before the 2024 regular season kicks off.

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The Cologne Centurions have a season to build on defensively but should have some major changes coming up on the offensive side. We’ll see what they have in store over the offseason.

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One last game meant one last loss for the Enthroners in their first year of joining the ELF. Let’s see what they will do to adjust over the course of the offseason.

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To start the season 2-0 and then finish 2-10 hurts. Now keep in mind that the 2024 season will feature two Spanish franchise, one in Barcelona and one in Madrid, the Dragons should have been on the lookout for talented players when the clock of their Week 14 game on Sunday hit double zeroes.

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The Prague Lions went through a tumultuous season by parting ways with their long-time head coach and team president and by bringing in new quarterbacks. Let’s hope the Lions have a great offseason with a lot of good signing to keep build their franchise for a better 2024 season.

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