Aug 22nd, 2023 16:00, by Tim Hanswillemenke

Week 12 Power Ranking – Galaxy crack Top 3, Thunder out of Top 5

Let's see where all the teams rank with two weeks left to go in the regular season!

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Aug 22nd, 2023 16:00, by Tim Hanswillemenke

Week 12 Power Ranking – Galaxy crack Top 3, Thunder out of Top 5

Let's see where all the teams rank with two weeks left to go in the regular season!

After Week 12 is in the books, the third European League of Football season gets closer to the playoffs. Let’s see where I rank the teams before Week 12 kicks off! 

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Another week, another dominant win. Rhein Fire looks as good as it gets and we still have two weeks to go in the regular season. 

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The Vienna Vikings move to 10-0 after beating the Tirol Raiders for a second time this season. They have to stay at two because of their perfect record. It will be interesting to see the Austrian franchise in the playoffs with only two weeks to go in the regular season.

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The Frankfurt Galaxy move up to my top three for the first time this season. They were always a good team, but this past weekend showed that they still improved and could cause some damage in the playoffs. The 9-1 German franchise dominated the Milano Seamen at home at the PSD Bank Arena and stay on course to possibly upset Rhein Fire in Week 14!

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The Stuttgart Surge won against the Barcelona Dragons on the road. But it was far away from a clear-cut win. Quarterback Reilley Hennessey was back with the Surge after being placed on the injured-reserve list with an injury earlier this season. In his second game back with the team, the playmaker threw for two touchdowns but also was responsible for two interceptions. The Surge move down one spot because of another strong game by the Galaxy which take their spot in the top three.

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The Tirol Raiders were so close to win the Austrian battle against the Vienna Vikings. But being close is not enough. With a final score of 13 – 7, the Raiders lost another game against the Vikings and are now 0-4 against them in the ELF. But despite their loss, the Raiders move up on spot because of their strong performance. Quarterback Joe Dolincheck looked in command of the offense and was more comfortable compared to his first game with the team in Week 11. Let’s see what the Raiders can do in the last two weeks of the regular season.

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Did I sleep on the addition of former Leipzig Kings linebacker A.J. Wentland to the Panthers? Wroclaw looked dominant on defense despite some drops by the Thunder offense off which they profited from as well. However, the Panthers offense took a huge hit in the first quarter with an injury suffered by American wide receiver Tony Tate. The speedster was helped off the field and never returned to game action. Let’s hope the best for him as the Panthers move back into the playoff picture for now.

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The Berlin Thunder lost their game against the Wroclaw Panthers on Saturday in a dazzling fashion. With a final score of 12 – 15, several drops by the offense made the difference for the Thunder. In the first quarter already, American wide receiver Aaron Jackson dropped a possible touchdown pass. Other Thunder wide receivers also struggled to catch passes on crucial downs. Despite their automatic win in Week 13 because of the cancelled game against the Leipzig Kings, the Thunder have to bring their A-game when they host the Hamburg Sea Devils in Week 14.

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The Munich Ravens stay at eight despite their crushing loss against the Rhein Fire. The first half looked more than promising, but the last two quarters were just too much for the young Bavarian franchise to bare. Nevertheless, the Ravens still showed what they can do in all three phases of the game which is promising considering its their first season ever as a football team and as a franchise in the ELF.

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The Paris Musketeers were able to win their fourth game of the season against no other than the two-time runner up for the ELF Championship Game, the Hamburg Sea Devils. A solid performance by quarterback Zach Edwards and a great game by the French defense secured another win. But just like the Sea Devils, the Musketeers have no chance to reach the playoffs this season.

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The Hamburg Sea Devils started German quarterback Moritz Maack once again. But Maack combined with a weak rushing game was not enough to win against the Paris Musketeers. The Sea Devils lack playmakers next to Malik Stanly on offense. With this loss, the season for the Hanseatic franchise is officially over because the can no longer reach a spot on the post-season.

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The Helvetic Guards were in a late bye week. They stay at eleven before they take on Rhein Fire in Week 13.

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The Milano Seamen were dominated by the Frankfurt Galaxy. As expected, the Italian franchise had no shot at winning this game against a top five team. 

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The Cologne Centurions got their next win over the past weekend because of the cancelled game against the Leipzig Kings. But they have to stay right where they are at thirteen.

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Another crushing loss for the Barcelona Dragons. After starting the season 2-0, the Dragons have lost eight games in a row. With Madrid joining the European League of Football next year, Barcelona will probably have an even tougher job to sign top talents.

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The Enthroners got their third win of the season against the Prague Lions. In their second game, the Enthroners came out on top again and are now 2-0 against the Czech franchise.

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The Prague Lions have lost against one of the weakest teams in the ELF which cements their status at the bottom of this ranking.

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