Jun 17th 16:00, by Felix Pahl

"Vienna is one of the top championship contenders"

Jun 17th 16:00, by Felix Pahl

"Vienna is one of the top championship contenders"

In this week's ELF Live Show, hosts Nick Alfieri and expert Matt Bressington took a deep dive into the action-packed Week 4 of the European League of Football.

A lot of praise for Vienna

Alfieri was effusive in his praise for the Vienna Vikings after their successful clash with Berlin Thunder: "Vienna is absolutely one of the top three championship contenders for me."

He particularly highlighted their successful integration of a new quarterback into the system, which proved pivotal in their closely contested game. Alfieri also pointed out the resilience of the Vikings in the face of adversity.

"Being able to have a new quarterback come in here, plug into the system, and have great success speaks volumes about the strong Vikings team." Initially looking like a victory for Berlin, until the Vienna Vikings, led by quarterback Shelton Eppler, turned it up.

"A must-win-game"

The match-up between Wroclaw Panthers and Frankfurt Galaxy was a "must-win game", said Bressington. He also expressed concern about the Panthers' quarterback situation: "Uribe, with two interceptions looked uncomfortable, which makes me think that Duncan wasn’t the problem. It was more within the offensive scheme." The Panthers' offensive struggles contributed to their defeat.

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