Jun 10th 12:00, by Felix Pahl

Top performers: Game-changers shine in week 3

Hannes Jirgal

Jun 10th 12:00, by Felix Pahl

Top performers: Game-changers shine in week 3

Runningbacks show their skills

Justin Rodney once again proved his importance for the Munich offense. With 114 total yards and two touchdowns, he helped his Munich Ravens to a decisive victory against the Prague Lions. He also stood for big plays in this game! His longest plays were 22 yards on the ground and 30 yards through the air, paving the way for many points. Another running back worth mentioning is Dwayne Obi. The British running back, along with Willie Patterson, carried the Madrid Bravos' offense against Rhein Fire, especially after the injury to quarterback Chris Helbig. Obi ended the game with 159 total yards and two touchdowns, making him unstoppable for Rhein Fire.

Franchise hopefuls

Willie Patterson also had a big role in the Bravos' victory. Before Chris Helbig's injury, he was the dominant target against his former team and was uncontainable for the Fire's defensive backfield. After the quarterback's injury, Patterson took over the quarterback position and did everything he could to hand the champions their first loss since 2022. Darion Chafin has grown into a real hope for the Raiders. Against the Barcelona Dragons, he showcased his skills with 125 receiving yards and two touchdowns. His strong catches and speed overwhelmed his opponents. The Munich Ravens will need to focus on Chafin in their preparations to prevent his big plays.

Dominant quarterbacks

The Raiders Tirol's quarterback also showed what he can do. Integrated into the team only last week, he played as if he had always been the Raiders' quarterback. He accounted for over 400 total yards and distributed five touchdowns to his teammates. The Raiders initially planned for Kason Martin to play quarterback for just one game, but after his performance, it's uncertain if they will reconsider their decision. Jakeb Sullivan also had a strong game. His Berlin Thunder secured their second win of the season, deservedly defeating the Fehérvár Enthroners. Sullivan, with 298 total yards and four touchdowns, was once again the key player in Berlin's offense, helping his team to victory.

Is Kason Martin the answer to the Raiders' quarterback question? ©Eric Ribé

Defensive game-changers

On the defensive side, there were game-changers, as well. One is found in Paris. Chandler Jones had a big role with his two interceptions, helping the Musketeers start the season 2-0. His intense matchup against Markell Castle provided several highlights and was exciting for every football fan. The Vienna Vikings also have a game-changer in Leon Balogh. After it was announced that the Vikings had to place their quarterback Ben Holmes on IR, it initially looked like a win for the Wrocław Panthers. However, the Vikings' defense played incredibly strong and led their team to success. Leon Balogh stood out with five sacks, a forced fumble, and a safety, making a significant contribution to the Vikings' narrow victory.

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