Jun 1st 09:00, by Felix Pahl

Top Matchups of Week 2: 1on1-Heaven

Jun 1st 09:00, by Felix Pahl

Top Matchups of Week 2: 1on1-Heaven

Week 2 and Rivalry Weekend is right in front of us, and we are diving right into the best matchups of the week.

Surge Defensive Line vs. Panthers Offensive Line

In their first game against the Munich Ravens, the Stuttgart Surge showed their skills and beat the Ravens 27-5. The defensive line was especially impressive, putting so much pressure on MVP nominee Chad Jeffries that he only threw for 137 yards. The Ravens' running game also struggled against the Surge's D-line, managing just 84 yards. The Panthers, who won a high-scoring game against the Thunder, will face this defense next weekend. The key matchup will be whether the Panthers' offensive line can hold up against the Stuttgart Surge's defensive line to allow their offense to succeed. If they struggle like the Ravens, it could be a tough weekend for quarterback Steven Duncan and the run game.

William Patterson vs. Dominique Shelton

William Patterson is entering his second ELF season, having caught 30 receptions for 506 yards and 6 touchdowns for the Rhein Fire last year. This week, he'll be up against Dominique Shelton, who is also in his second year and has already made some highlights. This key matchup could be decisive in the game between the two Spanish franchises and determine who will win the first "El Clásico" in the ELF.

Enthroners Defensive Line vs. Isaiah Weed

The Enthroners' defensive line showed in certain moments of their first game against the Vikings what they are capable of. With two A-Import defensive linemen, the Enthroners will try to neutralize Isaiah Weed's escape ability and keep him in the pocket. It will be exciting to see how Isaiah Weed handles the pressure from the Enthroners' D-line, and whether he can still showcase his running skills. If the Enthroners' D-line fails to generate pressure and Isaiah Weed can unfold his offensive play, it could be a tough game for the Enthroners' defensive backfield.

Prague Lions Special Teams vs. Aaron Jackson

Aaron Jackson did it again. In the first game of this season, the American wide receiver demonstrated his incredibly strong return abilities with a touchdown. This should have made it clear to the Prague Lions' special teams what lies ahead for them this weekend. Can the Lions, with full concentration and resilience, prevent Jackson from scoring another touchdown?

Travier Fields-Jackson vs. Thunder DBs

Although Travier Fields-Jackson and the Prague Lions lost their first game, he showed a lot of potential. With six catches for 71 yards and a touchdown, he troubled the Hamburg Sea Devils' defensive backs. His versatility was also evident as he ran for 31 yards on just six carries. In the next game, the Berlin Thunder's defensive backs will have to deal with Fields-Jackson and respond to their high-scoring shootout loss to the Wrocław Panthers.


Travier Fields-Jackson had a great game against the Sea Devils. ©Jaroslav Lorenc

Maceo Beard vs. Jarvis McClam

The Defensive Player of the Year from last season will face Jarvis McClam in his first game. McClam continued his great form from last season in the first game against the Prague Lions, with five catches for 152 yards and a touchdown, leading the Hamburg Sea Devils to their first win of the season. This matchup promises a lot, as Beard tries to maintain his high performance from last season. But will Jarvis McClam be too tough to handle?

Markell Castle vs. Tony Anderson

Tony Andersen had his hands full of Connor Wedington in the first game. Next week, he will face Markell Castle, the Offensive Player of the Year and First Team All-Pro. Markell, now reunited with his former quarterback Luke Zahradka, aims to make a run to the championship. However, the Frankfurt Galaxy must first get past the defending champions Rhein Fire in their first game. The duel between Castle and Andersen will be a key one, likely featuring several highlights.

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