Jan 25th 00:00, by European League of Football

The ultimate upgrade for your Championship Weekend!

A brief explanation of our Travel Packages

Enjoy the Championship weekend with us! © Hyatt Hotels

Jan 25th 00:00, by European League of Football

The ultimate upgrade for your Championship Weekend!

A brief explanation of our Travel Packages

This year’s Championship Game will be the third in the history of the European League of Football. Building on the great success of its previous events, the Championship Game weekend is not only about the game itself, but also a big party all around the sport of football. The Experience Day, the Pre-Game Party and the Fan Huddle immerses you into the world of the European League of Football and the Championship Game.

With our Travel Packages, you’ll get everything a football enthusiast needs to enjoy the event in the most comfortable way possible. You can choose between the two following possibilities:

VIP Package

What you see is what you get. Feel like a real VIP with the VIP Package.

It starts with the hotel. You and your companion will have a two-night-stay at the 5-STAR Hyatt Regency Düsseldorf luxury hotel. This includes free breakfast, access to the fitness area and, of course, the spa and pool area. After an action-packed day, it will give you the right circumstances to regenerate and relax.

© Hyatt Hotels

Furthermore, appropriate clothing is provided with the original Championship Game T-Shirts, which are ready for you by then.

We may also see you at Experience Day, which is a get-together for football fans at all ages. Merchandise shops, food trucks and plenty of opportunities to test your skills in different football categories await you.

Try to kick the football at our Experience Day. © European League of Football

Also included in the Package is a ticket to the Pre Game Party. This will ensure your entertainment even on the eve of the Championship Game. The goal in everything we do is having a good time together, no matter which team you’re a supporter of. Come by and enjoy a joyful September evening before the rubber meets the road.

When the game day finally arrives, you’ll find free VIP Parking at the arena and a special entrance right to the VIP Area. Free food and drinks in the best possible seating section ensure a phenomenal Championship Game and give you the chance to maybe meet your beloved celebrity.  

Another highlight next to the Championship Game itself is the exclusive Meet & Greet with players and other officials of the European League of Football for costumers of the Travel Packages.

© Michael Freitag

Best Price Package

Maybe all you need is the Best Price Package. An unforgettable weekend is always guaranteed.

One of three NIU Hotels provide the choice of the perfect location for your interests. Known for its clean and modern design, it provides a flawless stay. The included breakfast lets you start the day right before heading to the arena.

Tickets for the big Pre Game Party are already in your pocket with this Package.

The exclusive Travel Tickets let you take a seat in a special area at the arena. The mainstage level seats come with free drinks and food. There are no barriers left for a great Championship Game.

Tickets also included Meet & Greet with Players and Officials completes the package.

Get your Travel Package now starting from €225!*

*Per person and night

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