Jun 3rd, 2023 07:30, by Chris Hahn

The new FANZONE Team Manager is here!

Jun 3rd, 2023 07:30, by Chris Hahn

The new FANZONE Team Manager is here!

With the start of this Season, the European League of Football forms a new way of digital card collecting in combination with a Team Manager. To start your journey direct after the drop, here is the explanation of all Aspects you need to know. 

How to play the FANZONE Team Manager

NFTs or Non-Fungible Tokens, are unique and indivisible digital assets and have opened up a new world of possibilities for creators, collectors, and enthusiasts, bringing digital ownership, provenance, and value to the digital realm.

The European League of Football Dropbook consists of three types of cards: Common Cards, Special Cards, and Booster Items. The Common Pack contains 3 Common Cards. Although they may have lower player strength, these cards are limited to only a hundred Mints per player, making them unique and valuable.

For certain special players, there are Special Cards you can find 3 of in the Special Packs. These Packs also include one Booster Item, which has a unique booster function in the Team Manager App.

New Manager - New challenges!

With your collected cards, you are able to set up your own Gameday Squad consisting of 7 Player Cards and 4 Booster Items. All the cards follow the target to earn as much points as possible for your virtual Franchise and win you your first matchup!

To provide you with the opportunity to do first steps without costs, you will receive a training pack after your login, in which you will find a card for every spot. Please note that those 11 Cards are without any value.

New challenges offer additional opportunities to win rewards, ranging from free packs and card picks to merchandise and more. By achieving specific milestones and targets, you can unlock valuable rewards for your collection.

Armed with this knowledge, you are now ready to embark on a successful journey as a digital Team Manager and Card Collector. We wish you the best of luck and hope you have an immensely enjoyable season with the European League of Football.


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