Jun 1st 18:15, by Tim Hanswillemenke

Surge win 4th-quarter thriller in Wroclaw

Jun 1st 18:15, by Tim Hanswillemenke

Surge win 4th-quarter thriller in Wroclaw

The Wroclaw Panthers were not able to bring down the Stuttgart Surge at home in one of the top matchups of Week 2!

The Panthers entered the game with a strong start. They quickly took control with a defensive stop, followed by an impressive return by Devin Burrell, setting the stage for a dynamic opening. The Panthers capitalized on their momentum, securing a pair of touchdowns in the first quarter, which put significant pressure on the Surge.

Turnovers, penalties and missed opportunities

For the Stuttgart Surge, the first half was riddled with challenges. A blocked punt, a stymied run game, and two costly turnovers hampered their progress. Despite their struggles, the Surge showcased their resilience, determined not to let the game slip away without a fight. However, it was clear that the Panthers held the upper hand going into halftime, controlling the game with a firm grip.

As the second half went underway, the Surge found their rhythm. In the third quarter, they electrified their fans with a touchdown pass to the promising young talent Louis Geyer leveling the score at 20-20. Despite facing three penalties that negated significant gains, the Surge persisted. A crucial play unfolded when Yannick Mayr made a spectacular sprint down the field, catching a pass from quarterback Reilley Hennessey. This pivotal moment set up the go-ahead field goal, giving the Surge a slight edge.

The Panthers continued to fight with determination reminiscent of their performance in Week 1 against the Berlin Thunder. Wide receiver Banat emerged as a key player, securing a touchdown catch that narrowed the Surge's lead to just three points as the game headed into the fourth quarter.

4th-quarter madness in Wroclaw

The Surge had an opportunity to extend their lead, but a failed field goal attempt left the door open for the Panthers. Seizing the moment, the Panthers attempted to capitalize but were held off by an interception thrown by Steve Duncan. This turnover proved costly, as the Surge converted it into a touchdown, expanding their lead to a two-possession game. Yet, the Panthers refused to back down. Quarterback Steve Duncan connected with Banat once again for his second touchdown of the game, bringing the Panthers within striking distance.

With just over two minutes remaining, the Surge's defense stepped up, forcing a critical fumble. The Stuttgart offense, seizing the opportunity, began to march down the field with renewed vigor. The Surge last drive ended up with a touchdown on fourth-down by wide receiver Paul Steigerwald.

In the end, the Stuttgart Surge managed to hold off the Wroclaw Panthers, securing a hard-fought victory in a game that highlighted the thrilling and unpredictable nature of the European League of Football.

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