Jul 24th 08:30, by ELF Network

Sunday Recap: Retaliation and close-calls

Svenja Sabatini

Jul 24th 08:30, by ELF Network

Sunday Recap: Retaliation and close-calls

Surge Playoff-bound?

The Surge bounced back after a surprising loss against the Guards in the previous week. In front of 4100 fans, players like new signed Kenyatte Allen and running back Pasqualini took the matter into their own hands. Even newly acquired QB Carlton Aiken Jr. could not prevent a Dragons loss. Several big plays by Yannick Mayr or Darrell Stewart Jr. kept the Dragons on their toes. Surge get an important 33-14-win over Barcelona.

Close-call in Switzerland

Two teams that played under their potential the last few weeks, battled it out in front of a great crowd in Switzerland. The Guards and Seamen showed glimpses of greatness, but struggled to maintain production throughout the game. Ken Hike Jr. and Jéan Constant had a battle on their own, with the Guards making the final leap in overtime. An important 31-24-win for the Guards.

Too hot to handle for Cologne

In the Western Conference matchup between the Centurions and Rhein Fire, it was a dominant performance by the league-leaders from the start. The Fire dominated in all three phases of the derby, with Clark managing the offensive side, Omari Wiliiams and Marius Kensy took care of the defensive side. To top it all off, another special teams touchdown provided by Willie Patterson sealed the deal early. Centurions had to take a devastating 3-62-loss.

Western Conference showdown

The Frankfurt Galaxy travelled to Paris to take on the Musketeers in Week 8. Unfortunately for the French franchise, an efficiency problem kept them away from several scoring opportunities. Jakeb Sullivan and Reece Horn connected regularly, as well as Edwards and Kyle Sweet. In the end, kicker Ryan Rimmler had ice in his veins, making the last-second field goal for the Galaxy to put the Germans 23-21 on top.


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