Aug 18th 09:00, by Eleni Frommann

Standing Purple: The journey of Frankfurt’s passionate football fandom

Lina Bollig

Aug 18th 09:00, by Eleni Frommann

Standing Purple: The journey of Frankfurt’s passionate football fandom

In the heart of Frankfurt beats a purple passion that knows no bounds. Meet the Standing Purple, the official fan club of Frankfurt Galaxy. In an interview with Charlie Fricke, we got the chance to find out a little bit more about their passion for European Football. 

When was the Standing Purple fan group established, and how did it come into existence?

Charlie Fricke: The Standing Purple fan group was formed in 2018. It started as a loose association of dedicated fans who stood together in the standing block of the Frankfurt Universe stadium, supporting their team through all weather conditions. We chose the name "Standing Purple" after being asked by the stadium announcer to move under the stadium's roof due to safety concerns. And since the original group of people founded the official fan club in 2022, we call ourselves Standing Purple.

How has the Standing Purple fan club evolved over the years? 

Since its inception, the fan club has grown significantly. From the initial 12 founding members, it has expanded to include over 70 members, officially establishing itself as a fan club in March 2022. Their support and enthusiasm have only intensified as they relocated to Block A with the founding of the European League of Football.

What are the core values that define the Standing Purple fan community? 

The Standing Purple fan club strongly believes in togetherness and teamwork, both on and off the field. They consider themselves an inclusive group and actively engage in friendly exchanges with fans from all teams, fostering bonds that go beyond the love for football.

How do the members of Standing Purple organize their activities and stay connected during the off-season? 

The fan club utilizes various mediums, with a central Discord server for communication. They meticulously plan their season, organizing actions in the stadium, creating stickers, maintaining an active Instagram presence, and supporting away games. Digitalization plays a crucial role in ensuring fans from different locations can actively participate and be part of the ‘Purple Family’.

Frankfurt Galaxy's fan base is ready for the playoffs. © Schrick

What significance does the ELF hold for the Standing Purple fan club? 

The ELF represents an exciting opportunity for the Standing Purple to witness professional football in Germany. It has brought joyful moments into their lives, and they passionately cheer for their team under the slogan: "I believe that we will win."

How has football impacted the lives of the Standing Purple members beyond being a sport? 

Football has grown into more than just a hobby; it has become a way of life for the Standing Purple fan community. It has fostered strong connections and friendships among the members, transcending rivalries and creating a sense of belonging within their family.

Can you tell us about the fan club's special connections with other ELF teams? 

The Standing Purple has formed strong bonds with fans of the Stuttgart Surge and the Cologne Centurions, collectively known as the "Legion of Jupp." These connections exemplify the friendly and inclusive nature of the fan club.

What memories and experiences do some members have with the Frankfurt Galaxy from NFL Europe times? 

As children and teenagers, many of the Standing Purple members have fond memories of the Frankfurt Galaxy during the NFL Europe era. Some of them have even pursued their passion for football by trying to be players themselves, creating a sense of nostalgia and cherished experiences.

What makes game days special for the Standing Purple members? 

Game days hold more than just the thrill of watching football. It is a time of camaraderie, tactical discussions, shared emotions, and, most importantly, unwavering support for their team. The spirit of unity and excitement on game days enriches their football experience.

How does the Standing Purple view their players, and what is their ultimate goal for the team?

Our ultimate goal is to secure the title, since we are capable of defeating every team!

In summary, what is the essence of the Standing Purple fan club? 

The Standing Purple is not merely a fan club; it is a tightly-knit football family. With a shared passion for the game and an unwavering devotion to their team, they embody the true spirit of football fandom - creating lasting connections, embracing togetherness, and celebrating victories as one united entity.


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