Jul 6th 18:45, by Alex Malchow

Saturday Recap - Vikings stay undefeated, Mercenaries earn first win

Noa Monn

Jul 6th 18:45, by Alex Malchow

Saturday Recap - Vikings stay undefeated, Mercenaries earn first win

In another thrilling slate of ELF action, fans were treated too two nail-bitting games in the "Battle for Austria" and the game between the Mercenaries and Seamen. As well many exciting plays from the matchup between the Munich Ravens and Barcelona Dragons. Let's see how it all shook out for the first half of week 7. 

Vienna Vikings (7-0) win "Battle of Austria" vs Raiders Tirol (5-2)

Quarterback Ben Holmes and the Vikings struck first scoring on the opening drive as Holmes found young star Noah Toure for six points. The Raiders responded with a field goal. Yet, Vienna's Daniel Tasic answered with a field goal of his own. Tirol's homegrown star Tobias Bonatti struck next, scoring from 9 yards out as the Raiders tied the game at 10. Both teams traded field goals once more as they entered the halftime break tied at 13.

The Vikings opened up the second half as Holmes found Toure a big play leading to a short touchdown run by Karri Pajarinen. Late in the third, the Vikings got some insurance as veteran defensive back Benjamin Straight picked off a tipped pass, and took it back for a touchdown, giving them a 14 point lead. Perry, looking to make up for the interception, finding Phillip Haun for a 45-yard touchdown in the fouth quarter cutting the lead to seven points. The Vikings were able to run the ball, milk the clock, and remain undefeated continueing thier win streak against thier rivals, moving to 7-0 in the series and on the season. 

Helvetic Mercenaries (1-5) get thier first win against Milano Seamen (3-4)

In a tightly contest Central Conference game, the Mercenaries took a 3-0 lead as Nils Jonkmans hit a 37-yard field goal on Helvetic's first drive. The Seamen answered, as quarterback Zack Bronkhorst called his own number, rushing for a score from 9 yards out. Later in the first half, Mercenaries quarterback Carlton Aiken Jr captialized on a Milano fumble scoring on short run, making it 9-7 for the home team at the half. 

After trading punts and missed field goals, Milano took the lead 10-9 after hitting a short field goal kick. Late in the fourth quarter, Mercenaries quarterback Carlton Aiken Jr found Milan Spiller for a 25-yard touchdown as the crowd errupted following the touchdown, giving the Mercenaries a 16-10 lead. The Mercenaries got the ball back and chose to go for a 4th and 1, but were stopped giving the Seamen another chance. However, the defense held giving the Mercenaries thier first win of the season. The team celebrated the 16-10 win in the rain in front of a passionate crowd of Swiss fans. 

Munich Ravens (3-3) dominate first half in Bacelona 54-0 (2-5)

Chad Jeffries threw 5 touchdown passes as the Ravens crusied toa 54-0 nothing lead at the half. Ravens receiver Malik Stanley scored three touchdowns, while Tomiwa Oye scored two. Jeffries also found German talents Sven Beyrich and Marvin Rutsch for touchdowns. At the half the Barcelona Dragons decided to forfeit and not play the second half. Read more about the forfeit here:

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