Jun 29th 19:30, by Felix Pahl

Saturday Recap: Rhein Fire gets revenge on Bravos, Seamen prevail in hard-fought battle

Alejandro Matias

Jun 29th 19:30, by Felix Pahl

Saturday Recap: Rhein Fire gets revenge on Bravos, Seamen prevail in hard-fought battle

Rhein Fire Gets Revenge on Bravos

Before this game, every ELF fan wondered if the Madrid Bravos, having previously defeated the Rhein Fire, could repeat their success once again. They started strong to prevent that. Early on, it was clear Toonga would be pivotal again, scoring the game's first points with a 21-yard rush touchdown. Madrid's offense struggled against Rhein Fire's defense, and mistakes, like an interception, allowed Rhein Fire to build a significant lead by halftime.

In the second half, Rhein Fire continued their dominance with Toonga scoring another touchdown. Their special teams even blocked a punt and returned it for a touchdown. Madrid's offense, led by Steven Duncan, managed to score, but Rhein Fire responded with more touchdowns. Despite a late effort from the Bravos, including a touchdown run by Eduard Molina, it wasn't enough.

This loss was Madrid Bravos' first of the season and in their ELF history, leaving them at 3-1 and second in their conference. Rhein Fire reclaimed the top spot in the Western Conference with a 5-1 record.

Another strong game for Crawford with over 100 rushing yards. ©Sergio Bisi

Seamen Prevail Over Enthroners in Hard-Fought Battle

The matchup between the Fehérvár Enthroners and Milano Seamen was tightly contested from start to finish, marked by a total of 4 fumbles and 2 interceptions by the game's end.

Fehérvár faced a challenging start when their first offensive drive was intercepted by Samuel Westfall, snagging Jack Mangel's pass. This turnover allowed the Seamen to score early with a field goal. Despite this setback, the Enthroners rallied around their quarterback, who later connected with Czirók for a 19-yard touchdown pass, leveling the score.

However, the Seamen quickly regained momentum when QB Bronkhorst linked up with WR Flores Calderon for a 38-yard touchdown, putting them ahead. The Enthroners struggled to respond effectively in the second half, while the Seamen continued to push forward. Jac Crawford's touchdown, following several successful plays, extended their lead.

Both defenses tightened up in the third quarter, resulting in a scoreless period as both teams battled fiercely. In the fourth quarter, the Seamen extended their lead to 19-7 with a 47-yard field goal. The Enthroners mounted a late comeback attempt, scoring a touchdown to narrow the deficit, but ultimately fell short, ending the game with a score of 14-19.

With this result, the Enthroners remain without a win this season, holding a record of 0-5. Meanwhile, the Seamen, despite a slow start, have improved to 3-3, showcasing their resilience and determination throughout the game.

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