Jun 1st 20:00, by Tim Hanswillemenke

Saturday Recap – Ravens dominate, Bravos win “El Classico”

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Jun 1st 20:00, by Tim Hanswillemenke

Saturday Recap – Ravens dominate, Bravos win “El Classico”

The first weekend of June had a lot of great football in store. The Madrid Bravos played their first game ever in Week 2, the Stuttgart Surge travelled to Poland to meet the Panthers Wroclaw, the Vienna Vikings and the Raiders Tirol met for another “Battle of Austria”, and the Munich Ravens were on the road to Italy for their first win of the season.

Let’s recap every game of today’s action!

Surge win 4th-quarter thriller

The Panthers started strong, quickly taking control with a defensive stop and an impressive return by Devin Burrell. This dynamic opening set the stage for two touchdowns in the first quarter, putting significant pressure on the Surge.

The first half was tough for the Stuttgart Surge, with a blocked punt, a stymied run game, and two costly turnovers. Despite these struggles, the Surge showed resilience, but the Panthers maintained control going into halftime.

In the second half, the Surge found their rhythm. In the third quarter, they thrilled fans with a touchdown pass to young talent Louis Geyer, leveling the score at 20-20. Despite three penalties negating significant gains, the Surge persisted. Yannick Mayr’s spectacular sprint and catch set up a go-ahead field goal, giving the Surge a slight edge.

The Panthers, undeterred, continued to fight. Banat’s touchdown catch narrowed the Surge’s lead to three points entering the fourth quarter. With just over two minutes left, the Surge forced a critical fumble, leading to a final touchdown drive, securing their victory at 44-34.

Madrid dominates "El Classico"

The European League of Football witnessed an exhilarating debut for the Madrid Bravos as they faced off against the Barcelona Dragons this week. The Bravos, led by former Vikings quarterback Chris Helbig, showcased a commanding performance in their first-ever league game, leaving a lasting impression on fans and players.

The first quarter belonged entirely to the Bravos, who scored two touchdowns and delivered an outstanding defensive performance. Running back Dwayne Obi, in his debut, quickly made a name for himself with his versatile play. Obi was instrumental in the Bravos' offense, scoring multiple times in his debut. Quarterback Chris Helbig effectively led the charge, utilizing Obi's talents to their fullest potential.

In the second quarter, the Dragons attempted a comeback with several long passing plays. Despite securing a touchdown, they struggled to gain a foothold in the game. The Bravos, undeterred, continued their offensive onslaught. By halftime, the Bravos had a commanding 30-point lead, showcasing their dominance and signaling their potential in the league.

Vikings win another “Battle of Austria”

The Vienna Vikings (2-0) win their 5th straight “Battle of Austria” in their Week 2 matchup against the Raiders Tirol (1-1). Early in the game, Raiders Tirol quarterback D’Angelo Fulford showcased his dual-threat ability, converting a crucial third down. This led to a lengthy opening drive for the Raiders, culminating in a field goal to secure the first lead of the evening. But the Vikings were about to strike back and claim the Austrian throne for a fifth-straight time.

The second half was dominated by the Vienna Vikings. Energized by their enthusiastic home crowd, the Austrian franchise outperformed the Raiders, scoring 15 unanswered points. The Raiders struggled to regain their footing as the Vikings' defense held firm, and their offense capitalized on every opportunity. By the end of the game, the scoreboard read 27-6 in favor of the Vienna Vikings.

The Vikings' impressive second-half performance underscored their dominance and resilience, leaving the Raiders with much to ponder as they look to bounce back in their next matchup against the Barcelona Dragons in Week 3.

Ravens dominate Seamen in late Saturday game  

The Munich Ravens took the longest out of all teams that played since Week 1 to score a touchdown this season. The Milano Seamen were up 0-7 with the first touchdown of this game, before the Ravens were able to even out the score with a great catch-and-run down the left side.

But the first score of the Ravens did not end up being the last after 40 more unanswered-points in the next three quarters. The Ravens finished the games with 47 points on the scoreboard. The Seamen found themselves standing no chance against an improved Ravens squad in Week 2. The final score stood at 47-7 in favor of the German franchise.

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