Aug 20th 09:00, by ELF Network

Saturday Recap: Important playoff pushes

Hannes Jirgal

Aug 20th 09:00, by ELF Network

Saturday Recap: Important playoff pushes

Panthers make playoff push

It was a defensive fight in Wrocław on Saturday. With only 165 yards on offense for the Panthers and 244 yards for the Thunder, both teams had problems breaking through each defensive fronts. Two interceptions and under 50 percent completion percentage made the game close coming into the fourth quarter. Even with Tony Tate being injured early in the first quarter, the Panthers managed to get the 15-12-win over the line. 


Enthroners win at home

In an attempt to end the season on a positive note, the Enthroners got the upper hand. Kevin Doyle, quarterback of Fehérvár, played a solid game, stirring the offense to nearly 400 offensive yards against the Lions. Nándor Tóth and Tavares Martin helped Doyle execute his game plan, while defensively, eleven tackles for loss held the Lions to only 68 yards.

Close Battle for Austria

It was a low scoring game in front of nearly 4.500 spectators in Vienna. Two interceptions of quarterback Joe Dolincheck kept the Raiders away from scoring, even though the Raiders had more first downs in the whole game. Haslwanter accounted for the only touchdown of the Tyroleans. In a 13-7-win for the Vikings, the team of head coach Chris Calaycay now celebrated their fourth win in two years against Kevin Herron and his Raiders.

Surge strengthen Central Conference lead

As the Surge were reaching for the Central Conference win, the start to the game happened to be perfect for Coach Neuman and his team. Two rushing touchdowns over Khandar and Hunter, as well as a passing touchdown to Darrell Stewart Jr. put the Surge on top 21-10 before halftime. Even though the Dragons managed to make it a one-score-game after the halftime break, Stuttgart held their own against a good defensive team. The game resulted in a 31-22-win for the Surge.


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