Jun 11th 14:45, by Felix Pahl

Roundup Week 3: Quarterback injuries and narrow victories

Jorge Ropero

Jun 11th 14:45, by Felix Pahl

Roundup Week 3: Quarterback injuries and narrow victories

Winning streak shattered by Madrid Bravos

In only their second game ever in the European League of Football, the Madrid Bravos proved they are a team to watch this season. They became the first franchise since the Leipzig Kings in 2022 to defeat the Rhein Fire. With an incredibly strong team performance, the Bravos beat Rhein Fire 22-10, even though their quarterback, Chris Helbig, got injured at the beginning of the second half and had to leave the game. Bravos' running back Dwayne Obi stood out, creating over 150 total yards and two touchdowns. By halftime, the Bravos had held Rhein Fire to 0 points. With a record of 2-1 and the upcoming game against the Paris Musketeers, it will be an exciting week for Rhein Fire. The next game will show if this loss was just a one-time thing, or if there are more serious problems for Rhein Fire.

Milano Seamen make waves

In the game between the Helvetic Mercenaries and the Milano Seamen, two winless teams faced each other. The Mercenaries had shown some promise in their first game against the Barcelona Dragons and hoped to improve after their bye week in Week 2. However, the Milano Seamen were highly motivated to get their first win. The change in the Offensive Coordinator position seemed to pay off, as there was a noticeable improvement compared to previous weeks. The Milano Seamen's defense, which had lacked support from the offense, finally showed their strength. The dual-threat ability of quarterback Carton Aiken Jr. was completely neutralized by the constant pressure from the Seamen's defensive line. As the Mercenaries prepare for a rematch against the Barcelona Dragons, seeking redemption, the Seamen are set to face a tough game against the Stuttgart Surge.

Chandler Jones had a great game against Frankfurt. ©Maxime Le Pihif

Paris thriller ends in heartbreak

A real thriller took place in Paris, remaining exciting until the last second. The game didn't start as planned for the Parisians. The first drive led to a fumble return touchdown, putting Paris under pressure right from the start. Exciting matchups like Chandler Jones versus Markell Castle were decisive, with Castle being quarterback Luke Zahradka's favorite target. However, Jones intercepted two of those passes, which ultimately led to Frankfurt's defeat. Additionally, Frankfurt missed four field goals, which could have prevented their narrow 22-25 loss.

Vikings conquer in defensive battle

Another very exciting game took place in Poland, where the Vienna Vikings faced the Wrocław Panthers. In a game marked by strong defense, the Vienna Vikings defeated the Wrocław Panthers despite their starting quarterback Ben Holmes being on the IR list and unable to play. Vienna's defense, which has always been a top 5 defense since joining the ELF, shined with many big plays, holding the strong Polish offense to 13 points. Leon Balogh stood out with five sacks, a forced fumble, and a safety, making him the key player in this hard-fought match.

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