Jun 21st 18:30, by Felix Pahl

Roster moves: Many changes ahead of week 5

Jonas Wicker

Jun 21st 18:30, by Felix Pahl

Roster moves: Many changes ahead of week 5

All teams in the European League of Football have the right to release or sign players during the season until Week 9. During a game week, each team has the chance to sign players until Wednesday night. Cutting players is possible at any time during the season.

You can find a list of all roster moves after Week 4 below!

Helvetic Mercenaries

Released - Alexandre Aginmel (E-Import - Wide Receiver)

Signed - Benjamin Barnes (E-Import - Cornerback)

Signed - Daryl Kamga Amia (E-Import - Offensive Line)

Moved to IR - Chivarro van Ommeren (E-Import - Cornerback)

Rhein Fire

Moved to IR - Darrius Nash (A-Import - Defensive Back)

Signed - Maurice Hahn (Homegrown - Wide Receiver)

Signed - Paul Breuer (Homegrown - Running Back)

Munich Ravens

Signed - Malik Stanley (A-Import - Wide Receiver)

Signed - Sebastian Kurrer (Homegrown - Tight End)

Moved to IR - Jon Cole (A-Import - Wide Receiver)

Raiders Tirol

Signed - Cannon Griner (A-Import - Cornerback)

Signed - Stefan Schneider (Homegrown - Running Back)

Signed - Alessandro Decassian (Homegrown - Defensive Line)

Signed - Simon Pilger (Homegrown - Wide Receiver)

Signed - Christopher Wild (Homegrown - Offensive Line)

Moved to IR - Jack Koerner (A-Import - Defensive Back)

Moved to IR - Tobias Rodlauer (Homegrown - Offensive Line)

Fehérvár Enthroners

Released - Hjalmar Skyt Nielsen (E-Import - Defensive Back)

Signed - Michel Steven Malan Ange (E-Import - Defensive Line)

Signed - Samuel Chukuwuka Onyima Orji (Homegrown - Offensive Line)

Signed - Ezra Francis Forbes Trudo (E-Import - Linebacker)

Moved to IR - Laurynas Orlovicius (E-Import - Defensive Line)

Cologne Centurions

Released - Noah Gehring (Homegrown - Wide Receiver)

Released - Tim Wüstefeld (Homegrown - Defensive Line)

Moved to IR - Dajon Owens (A-Import - Cornerback)

Berlin Thunder

Signed - Lars Bardenhagen (Homegrown - Linebacker)


Barcelona Dragons

Signed - Xoleal Daniels (Homegrown - Running Back)

Signed - Jacobo Senise (Homegrown - Wide Receiver)

Milano Seamen 

Signed - Jocques Crawford (A-Import - Running Back)

Hamburg Sea Devils

Released - Dominic Yaw Aboagye-Duah (Homegrown - Defensive Back)

Released - Gian-Luca Poerschke (Homegrown - Defensive Back)

Released - Felix Delgado (Homegrown - Defensive Line)

Released - René Merkel (Homegrown - Defensive Back)

Moved to IR - Theo Landström (E-Import - Wide Receiver)

Vienna Vikings

Signed - Kimi Linnainmaa (E-Import - Wide Receiver)

Moved to IR - Jordan Bouah (E-Import - Wide Receiver)

Wroclaw Panthers

Signed - Bruno Waszkiewicz (Homegrown - Wide Receiver)

Signed - Bercho Botha (Homegrown - Defensive Line)

Prague Lions

Signed - Adam Belarbi (E-Import - Linebacker)

Moved to IR - Oliver Noah Obolela Vargas (E-Import - Linebacker)

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