Jun 27th 12:00, by ELF Communications

Roster moves in Week 6: A lot of changes

Conor Wedington


Jun 27th 12:00, by ELF Communications

Roster moves in Week 6: A lot of changes

All teams in the European League of Football have the right to release or sign players during the season until Week 9. During a game week, each team has the chance to sign players until Wednesday night. Cutting players is possible at any time during the season.

You can find a list of all roster moves after Week 5 below!

Barcelona Dragons

Signed - Victor Vega Peinado (WR)

Signed - Tachu Orue Hernandez (SS)

Released - Luis Cereceda (K)

Signed - Maximiliano Ezequiel Pizarro Lujan (OT)

Berlin Thunder

Signed - Kevin Hummel (LB)

Cologne Centurions

Released - Zascha Donner (CB)

Released - Conor Wedington (WR)

Signed - Bijon Harris (CB)

Signed - Carlos Hill (WR)

Signed - Michael Sohn (CB)

Signed - Rabbi Junior (CB)

Signed - Martin Pinter (LB)

Frankfurt Galaxy

IR Activated - Sebastian Gauthier (LB)

Released - Loan Kuci (WR)

Hamburg Sea Devils

Signed - Jamal Okeke (CB)

Helvetic Mercenaries

Released - Ken Hike Jr. (CB)

IR - Tim Hänni (DT)

Madrid Bravos

Signed - Alejandro Garcia Munoz (WR)

Signed - David Yu Ospina (QB)

Signed - Christopher Martinez Bailon (CB)

Milano Seamen

Released - Marquise Manning (DB)

Munich Ravens

Released - Joshua Flowers (CB)

Released - Dominic Siegel (DE)

Released - Raphael Zistler (DT)

Paris Musketeers

Signed - Jordy Adjetey (CB)

Signed - Romeo Lagozny (LS)

Signed - Ianis Cherdieu (TE)

Released - Aymeric Nicault (WR)

Released - Benjamin Bono (K)

Released - Ibel Adzihan (DB)

Released - Lucas Frissong (K)

Prague Lions

IR - Artie Henry (WR)

IR Activated - Daniel Wright (CB)

IR Activated - Travier Fields-Jackson (WR)

Released - Rachuan Mitchell (DB)

Released - Peter Lundström (S)

Rhein Fire

IR - Emmanuel Falola (MLB)

Signed - Marloshawn Franklin Jr. (FS)

IR Activated - Kelvin McKnight Jr. (WR)

Released - Devin Heckstall (WR)

Raiders Tirol

IR - Robert Lachmann (OLB)

Signed - Patrick Auer (DT)

Signed - David Perathoner (OT)

Vienna Vikings

IR Activated - Ben Holmes (QB)

Signed - Yannick Gruner (QB)

Signed - Maximilian Hradecny (DT)

IR - Hunter Nichols (FS)

IR - Exavier Edwards (CB)

IR Activated - Weston Carr (WR)

Wroclaw Panthers

IR - Matthew Cole (WR)

Signed - Josiah Norwood (WR)


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