Jun 13th 12:00, by Felix Pahl

Roster moves: A lot of import movement after week 3

Sergio Bisi

Jun 13th 12:00, by Felix Pahl

Roster moves: A lot of import movement after week 3

All teams in the European League of Football have the right to release or sign players during the season until Week 9. During a game week, each team has the chance to sign players until Wednesday night. Cutting players is possible at any time during the season.

You can find is a list of all roster moves after Week 3 below!

Vienna Vikings

Signed - Shelton Eppler (A-Import - Quarterback)

Signed - Michael Hinterwirth-Haider (Homegrown - Offensive Line)

Berlin Thunder

Signed - Gino Vito Boehling-Lang (Homegrown - Defensive Line)

Wrocław Panthers

Released - Steven Duncan (A-Import - Quarterback)

Released Martin Marcacci (E-Import - Defensive Back)

Signed - John Uribe (A-Import - Quarterback)

Signed - Adrian Grodecki (Homegrown - Wide Receiver)

Signed - Marcin Pryjma (Homegrown - Defensive Line)

Activated from IR - Matthew Cole (A-Import - Wider Receiver)

Activated from IR - William James (E-Import - Defensive Back)

Moved to IR - Daniel Bender (A-Import - Wide Receiver)

Prague Lions

Signed - Tyrese Johnson-Fisher (E-Import - Running Back)

Moved to IR - Merril Zero (E-Import - Running Back)

Fehérvár Enthroners 

Released - Samuel Bhoedjang (E-Import - Wider Receiver)

Stuttgart Surge

Signed - Raheem Simiram-Wilson (E-Import - Cornerback)

Signed - Damon Hazelton Jr. (A-Import - Quarterback)

Signed - Marko Vidackovic (Homegrown - Defensive Back)

Moved to IR - Christian Tutt (A-Import - Cornerback)

Moved to IR - Darrell Stewart Jr. (A-Import - Wide Receiver)

Raiders Tirol

Released - Kason Martin (A-Import - Quarterback)

Signed - N’kosi Perry (A-Import - Quarterback)

Munich Ravens

Released - Lukas Stumpfeld (Homegrown - Quarterback)

Released - Sebastian Reiner (Homegrown - Tight End)

Signed - Jason Sanders (Homegrown - Wide Receiver)

Signed - Benjamin Perauer (Homegrown - Wide Receiver)

Moved to IR - Philipp Okonkwo (Homegrown - Tight End)

Milano Seamen

Released - Patrick Carr (A-Import - Running Back)

Released - Antonio Delaria (Homegrown - Long Snapper)

Released - Leonardo Franchi (Homegrown - Tight End)

Released - Igor Timotijevic (Homegrown - Defensive Line)

Signed - Samuel Lance Westfall (A-Import - Cornerback)

Signed - Dario Todico (Homegrown - Offensive Line)

Signed - Lorenzo Bassi (Homegrown - Wide Receiver)

Signed - Filippo Ongari (Homegrown - Defensive Line)

Moved to IR - Marquise Manning (A-Import - Cornerback)

Barcelona Dragons

Signed - Joan Carles Bartra (Homegrown - Defensive Back)

Helvetic Mercenaries

Signed - Niels Meier (Homegrown - Offensive Line)

Moved to IR - Gregorio Calonego (Homegrown - Wide Receiver)

Moved to IR - Dominik Liechti (Homegrown - Defensive Line)

Moved to IR - Matthias Münger (Homegrown - Offensive Line)

Madrid Bravos

Signed - Steven Duncan (A-Import - Quarterback)

Moved to IR - Chris Helbig (A-Import - Quarterback)

Rhein Fire

Released - Sebastian Sagne - (E-Import - Wide Receiver)

Signed - Emmanuel Falola (E-Import - Linebacker)

Moved to IR - Bryan Winter (Homegrown - Wide Receiver)

Cologne Centurions

Released - Benjamin Barnes (Homegrown - Defensive Back)

Signed - Alex Molenaar (E-Import - Offensive Line)

Moved to IR - Daniel Luoma (E-Import - Tight End)

Moved to IR - Sven Appelt (Homegrown - Linebacker)

Hamburg Sea Devils

Released - Julian Ampaw (Homegrown - Running Back)

Released - Niklas Ritter (Homegrown - Running Back)

Released - Dominik Behrens (Homegrown - Offensive Line)

Released - Keanu Morgan (Homegrown - Wide Receiver)

Frankfurt Galaxy

Released - Urs Wilhelm Ludovicy (Homegrown - Defensive Line)


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