Jun 19th 11:45, by Alex Malchow

Roller-coaster days for new Bravos QB Duncan: "A lot of long nights and early mornings"

Paula Romero/Madrid Bravos

Jun 19th 11:45, by Alex Malchow

Roller-coaster days for new Bravos QB Duncan: "A lot of long nights and early mornings"

To the surprise of many, the ELF Week One MVP Steven Duncan was released by the Wroclaw Panthers last Monday, June 10th. The Panthers informed their quarterback of the decision following a tough 13-16 loss to the Vienna Vikings.

However, as any fan of football knows, injuries are a part of the game. The undefeated Madrid Bravos were reminded of this unfortunate fact, as they lost their starting quarterback Chris Helbig to a knee injury over the same weekend.

It didn’t take long for the undefeated Madrid team to jump on the newly available passer. Duncan commented on the chaotic 24 hours that saw him go from Wroclaw's starter to free agent, to then landing in Spain leading an undefeated squad.

"Monday was a shock and unexpected. But with that being said I am lucky enough to have ended up in the place I am supposed to be. I'm very grateful to have an opportunity to play for Madrid with such great coaches and a great culture amongst the guys."

Duncan jumped at his next opportunity 

After some discussions with Bravos management, Duncan didn’t hesitate to pack his bags and jump on the next flight to the Spanish capital. However, with only a few practices before his debut as a Bravo, the week had some unexpected challenges as the Bravos new signal caller had only a few days to get to know his new teammates and playbook before gameday.

"There were a lot of long nights and early mornings. From getting on a plane and arriving in Madrid and practising that same night. The guys on this team welcomed me and helped me in every part of the transition and I can't thank guys on this offense and team enough for helping me."

While Duncan was excited to continue playing this season, the Bravos were equally thrilled to have the experienced passer join them on such short notice. Especially following the uncertainty left around the team after seeing Chris Helbig go down just a week prior. Duncan reflected on how he’s been embraced by his new squad:

"I really love this team. The culture that has been built prior to me arriving is something special and I am so grateful to be a part of it now. As I said I believe this is the place I'm meant to be at in this moment. I am very thankful to have such great coaches and teammates here and I cannot express how grateful I am to be here representing this city with these guys."

Duncan helped the Bravos stay unbeaten after a roller-coaster week

Even after just a few practices, Duncan was instrumental for Madrid as they won a key road game Saturday against the Cologne Centurions, guiding Madrid to a 35-24 victory. Duncan threw for 300 yards and a touchdown as well as scoring on a quarterback sneak. The hard-fought win after a week that started with one of the most surprising moves of the season is certainly one Duncan won’t forget anytime soon. That being said, he knows the potential that this Bravos team has and he's looking forward to the opportunity of leading their offense once again next week. 

"Getting a win was a great feeling. But now there's a new mission for us. And preparation for the next game starts now."

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