May 22nd 07:00, by Tim Rausch

Prague Lions looking to improve upon debut season

Jakub Pláteník

May 22nd 07:00, by Tim Rausch

Prague Lions looking to improve upon debut season

After an underwhelming first year in the ELF, the Prague Lions regrouped this off season and will look for a better outcome in the upcoming season. In order to achieve their goals, they want to establish continuity, starting on the coaching side. Daniel Disch will return as the head coach. 

"Coach Dan Disch embodies the spirit of resilience and dedication. Over the past four seasons, he has been a cornerstone of our team. In the face of adversity in 2023, his unwavering commitment kept our Lions united. We extend our deepest gratitude for his hard work. With the right support, we are confident, he will lead our program to new heights in 2024 and beyond!" general manager Mason Parker said a couple of months ago.

On the offensive side of the ball, it all starts with new quarterback Karé Lyles. The 25-year-old can look back on many adventures in and around football. In college, he played multiple seasons at the highest college-level (Division I) and also spent one year at Jackson State University under head coach and football legend Deion Sanders.

Running Back stays with the Lions

In 2022, he worked for "NFL Network", but decided to return to the field. Last season, Lyles took his talents to Europe, where he joined the New Yorker Lions in the GFL. He threw for 1745 yards and 23 touchdowns, leading the Lions to the Semifinal.

Lyles will look to get new signing Travier Fields-Jackson involved. The big-bodied receiver offers a lot of good physical traits and will aim to leave his mark on European football. The Lions can also count on running back Adam Žouželka, who they managed to re-sign. In a struggling offense, the 22-year-old homegrown played in seven of twelve games, racking up four touchdowns and 286 yards on the ground. 

Defense needed improvement

The Lions will also need to step it up on defense. Last year's unit gave up a whopping 406 points and 55 total touchdowns in ten games. Defensive end James Brooks will once again try to lead the defense. In 2023, Brooks recorded eight and a half sacks, 14 tackles for loss and four forced fumbles. 

After a tumultuous first season, the Lions will quickly look to shake off the losing streak from last season. Prague managed to re-sign important positions on the field and the sideline. With more stability and some added talent, they will certainly be more of a threat this season. 

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