May 30th 16:00, by Tim Hanswillemenke

Power Ranking: Top 3 stays, Milano Seamen plummet

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May 30th 16:00, by Tim Hanswillemenke

Power Ranking: Top 3 stays, Milano Seamen plummet

The European League of Football kicked off its fourth season last weekend. There were a lot of surprises but also expected wins and losses. However, Week 1 underlined that the level of competition is much closer than it was ever before.

Let’s see where I rank each team going into Week 2!

Previous Ranking: 1

Rhein Fire was not happy with their performance against the Cologne Centurions at halftime in Week 1. But the best teams in this league will improve the most from Week 1 to 2 which is why I have to keep Rhein Fire at the top. But they have to watch out for the Frankfurt Galaxy who will come out hot for their first game of the season on Sunday.

Previous Ranking: 2

The Stuttgart Surge have to stay at least at two in this ranking. How they handled the Munich Ravens in Week 1 was astonishing to see. In sports, consistency is key. And the Surge are the living prove.


Previous Ranking: 3

The Vienna Vikings handled business in Hungary last weekend without their American wide receiver Weston Carr who was placed on injured reserve. With former Frankfurt Galaxy wide receiver Reece Horn replacing Carr from this weeend on, expect the Austrian franchise to be even more dangerous in the “Battle of Austria” on Saturday.

Previous Ranking: 5

The Paris Musketeers have everything they need. A former MVP-quarterback with Zach Edwards, one of the top wide receiver corps in the entire league, and a loaded defense led by linebacker Dauson Dales. I am eager to see what they can do against the Sea Devils in their first game of the season on Sunday. But I expect them to come out with a statement win, although they will probably need some time to find offensive rhythm.


Previous Rank: 4

The Munich Ravens were man-handled by the Stuttgart Surge in Week 1. After a close first half, the Bavarian franchise stood no chance against the Surge in the last two quarters. However, I expect this loaded roster to step it up against the Milano Seamen this week to get their first win of the season.


Previous Rank: 7

The Wroclaw Panthers look dangerous. I know, they gave up 39 points on defense. But scoring 49 points against the best defense over the last two years when it comes to points allowed is a big statement. Look out for the Panthers to play for a spot in the playoffs this season. But they first have to handle the Stuttgart Surge coming to town this weekend.

Previous Rank: 8

The Frankfurt Galaxy are one of the top teams in this league. They move up one spot despite not playing a single game yet, because of the Thunder sliding after their loss against the Panthers. I expect Frankfurt to make it difficult for Rhein Fire this weekend. But at the end, it will be tough task to win against the best team in the league in your season opener.


Previous Rank: 9

32 – 0. The Raiders have to move up one spot after their standout performance against the Milano Seamen. They handled business and will meet the 1-0 Vienna Vikings in the “Battle of Austria” this Saturday. Are they ready to take on the European League of Football Champions of 2022?


Previous Rank: 6

What is going on with the Thunder defense? Last year, scoring 39 points on offense would have been enough to win against any opponent because of their great defense. This year, the offense picked up pace with former Galaxy quarterback Jakeb Sullivan taking over. But their defense lost a few steps by giving up 49 points in Week 1 against the Panthers. Luckily for the Thunder, they will face the Prague Lions at home this weekend which should be one of the easier games on their schedule. Will their defense bounce back and dominate on Sunday?

Previous Rank: 10

The Madrid Bravos will play their first game of the season against the Barcelona Dragons this Saturday. The “El Classico” will be interesting to watch, especially with one of their best homegrown players, defensive end Alejandro Fernandez, heading to injured reserve a few days before their season opener. However, I expect the Bravos to come out with a win over their soon-to-be rivals.

Previous Rank: 11

The Hamburg Sea Devils handled business in Week 1 against the Prague Lions on the road. But will they be able to fight of the Paris Musketeers at home in Week 2? I think they have a long game ahead of them, especially if quarterback Zach Edwards is able connect with wide receivers Austin Mitchell and Anthony Mahoungou early on.


Previous Rank: 14

The Cologne Centurions were able to do something that most fans did not expect; they poked the bear. In the first quarter, Rhein Fire was desperately trying to find some rhythm while trailing the Centurions 0 – 3.  The final score of 42 – 12 does not do the Centurions justice. Quarterback Isaiah Weed played well and the Centurions defense was able to stop the Rhein Fire offense on multiple occasions. The German franchise deserves to rise two spots before their Week 2 matchup against the Enthroners at home.


Previous Rank: 15

The Enthroners, similar to the Centurions, were able to find rhythm and play great football throughout parts of their Week 1 game. The Enthroners were able to move the chains and find the endzone against one of the best teams in the league. Let’s see what they are able to do against the Cologne Centurions in Week 2.


Previous Rank: 16

The Barcelona Dragons trailed the Helvetic Mercenaries for the majority of the game but were able to pull off a 4th-quarter comeback with a late touchdown. I am eager to see what they can do against Madrid in Week 2 on the road.


Previous Rank: 12

The Milano Seamen were one of the biggest disappointment of Week 1. Losing is one thing, but putting up no points on the scoreboard at all speaks volumes. They have to adjust and find some rhythm on offense and be able to get defensive stops. But most importantly, they have to win the turnover battle. However, they Week 2 opponent 


Previous Rank: 13

The Helvetic Mercenaries lost their Week 1 matchup against the Barcelona Dragons. They now have an early bye week to go over their first matchup of the season and prepare for their game in Week 3. I really like what I have seen from quarterback Carlton Aiken Jr. and wide receiver Anthony Brown. But the Swiss franchise needs their homegrown players to step for their upcoming game against the Seamen to earn their first win. 

Previous Rank: 17

The Prague Lions lost 31 – 21 against the Hamburg Sea Devils. Plus, 14 of their 21 points came in trash-time at the end of the fourth quarter. I do think that the Lions are a better team than last season and that the level of the league is much tighter than ever before anyway. But at the moment, it seems like the Lions will be the odd ones out in the Easter Conference facing the Berlin Thunder next on Sunday without their starting cornerback Daniel Wright against a dangerous pass-catching group led by Aaron Jackson. 

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