Jul 5th 14:30, by Tim Hanswillemenke

Power Ranking - Raiders move up, Panthers fall

Jul 5th 14:30, by Tim Hanswillemenke

Power Ranking - Raiders move up, Panthers fall

A power ranking has each team ranked according to their current strength. After Week 6, the European League of Football starts to take shape. There were a few teams with bye weeks that will come in fresh this weekend.

Let’s see where I rank each team going into Week 7 of the 2024 season and why!

Previous Ranking: 1

The Stuttgart Surge demolished the Helvetic Mercenaries. For now, I think there is not one team that can beat the Surge. 

Previous Ranking: 2

The Vienna Vikings come off an important win against the Wroclaw Panthers. With quarterback Ben Holmes under center, the Vikings looked better than ever. They stay put at number two. 

Previous Ranking: 3

The Rhein Fire passing offense still looked shaky in Week 6. But their rushing offense and defense brought them a dominant win against the Madrid Bravos in a revenge game. But for now, they have to stay at three.  


Previous Ranking: 4

The Paris Musketeers are getting closer and closer to their first Top 3 appearance. They have everything it takes to be amongst the best in this league. But they still have to prove if they are capable of taking down the Surge, Vikings, or Rhein Fire.

Previous Rank: 7

The Raiders jump up two spots after their dominant win against the Barcelona Dragons. This was not their first time holding an opposing team to zero points while scoring more than 30 points themselves. I really like what the Raiders have going on. They deserve to be in the Top 5 prior to Week 7 and their revenge game in the “Battle of Austria”.

Previous Rank: 6

The Frankfurt Galaxy stay at six although I think they could have won against the Hamburg Sea Devils in a more dominant way. Galaxy quarterback Luke Zahradka was injured in the final minutes of the fourth quarter. So, we’ll have to see what the Galaxy will do moving forward. Obviously, this decision will have a big impact on how they will perform against the Madrid Bravos on the road in Week 7. 

Previous Ranking: 5

The Madrid Bravos fall out of the Top 5 after their disastrous loss against Rhein Fire. It is not that they lost, it is how they lost. They have to pick up pace in week 7 against the Frankfurt Galaxy to not lose two games in a row. 

Previous Rank: 8

The Munich Ravens are coming off a bye week and will face the Barcelona Dragons. This should get them their third win of the season.


Previous Rank: 10

The Berlin Thunder jump one spot because of the Panthers who have to fall on spot (see my explanation below). They could have blown out the Lions at home, but they didn’t. Just like the Frankfurt Galaxy, the Thunder are a team that has almost everything but still disappoints when it comes to big games. 


Previous Rank: 9

The QB-carousel keeps spinning while the Wroclaw Panthers also released their head coach Dave Christensen. Just for these two decisions alone, the Panthers fall one spot in my ranking prior to their favorable matchup against the Lions. 


Previous Rank: 11

The Centurions did what they do best against the Paris Musketeers in Week 6; look great in the first quarter or two to then completely fall apart in the second half. They have to play more consistently if they want to turn their season around. But they will face a tough opponent in Rhein Fire to do that in Week 7.


Previous Rank: 12

The Sea Devils almost came back against the Frankfurt Galaxy in Week 6. But almost is never enough. At 2-2, the Sea Devils will need to give everything they have on the road against the Musketeers in Week 7 to not fall below the .500 mark.  


Previous Rank: 13

The Prague Lions were dominated by the Berlin Thunder once again. And they will face the Panthers in Week 7. Let’s see if new quarterback David Perkins can reignite the Czech offense. 

Previous Rank: 15

The Milano Seamen managed to win against the Enthroners which puts them one spot above their Hungarian opponents in this week's ranking. However, do not let their record at 3-3 fool you. The Seamen have a lot of work to do but could go 4-3 after playing the Mercenaries in Week 7. 


Previous Rank: 14

The Enthroners fall one spot after their loss to the Seamen. Their Week 7 Matchup will not get any easier with the Berlin Thunder visiting Hungary. 


Previous Rank: 16

The Barcelona Dragons got shut out by the Raiders Tirol. Together with the Mercenaries, the Dragons rank last in my power ranking. 


Previous Rank: 17

The Helvetic Mercenaires have a fairly easy schedule compared to other franchises but still do not manage to win. In addition, they released their best player in Ken Hike Jr. just for him to sign with one of the top franchises in the league, the Vienna Vikings. Let’s see what they can do against the Seamen at home in Week 7. 


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