Jun 28th 17:45, by Tim Hanswillemenke

Power Ranking – Milano moves up, Top 10 stay

Jun 28th 17:45, by Tim Hanswillemenke

Power Ranking – Milano moves up, Top 10 stay

A power ranking has each team ranked according to their current strength. After a week with five of all 17 teams in a bye week, my power ranking prior to Week 6 has almost stayed the same compared to last week. But why?

Let’s see where I rank each team going into Week 6 of the 2024 season and why!

Previous Ranking: 1

The Stuttgart Surge are 2-0 against the Munich Ravens this season after another great game by my number one team this league has to offer at the moment. Expect a shootout against the Helvetic Mercenaries this upcoming weekend.  


Previous Ranking: 2

The Vienna Vikings demolished the Prague Lions in Week 5 with a final score of 43-3. In Week 6, they will face the Wroclaw Panthers again. This time, with quarterback Ben Holmes back under center who will be activated from the injured reserve list alongside American wide receiver Weston Carr. However, the Vikings will miss both American defensive backs Hunter Nichols and Exavier Edwards. This could hurt them against a strong-looking Panthers squad that wants to seek revenge.


Previous Ranking: 3

Rhein Fire still does not live up to their potential. Early turnovers against the Berlin Thunder, incompletions, sacks and many more mistakes held the Rhein Fire back in Berlin on Sunday. However, I still believe they will find back their grove from the previous season at some point to be a title contender once again. But will they be able to win against the Madrid Bravos this Saturday? A team that started the fluke for Rhein Fire this season with a surprising win back in Week 3.  


Previous Ranking: 4

The Paris Muskteers come out of a bye week which probably helped them get healthy and focused for their next matchup against the Cologne Centurions in Week 6. Their roster keeps screaming “playoffs”.


Previous Ranking: 5

Will the Madrid Bravos go 2-0 against Rhein Fire this season on Saturday? Because of their bye week, the Spanish franchise had more time to prepare for Rhein Fire than the German franchise did with their game against the Thunder in Week 5. Will that help the Bravos to stampede over reigning champions once again?


Previous Rank: 6

The Frankfurt Galaxy also come off a bye week after their first win of the season to now play the Hamburg Sea Devils at home. An old rivalry that never lost a step. Will they Galaxy roll over the Sea Devils or will the tide catch the Frankfurt franchise led by quarterback Luke Zahradka?


Previous Rank: 7

The Raiders Tirol are one of the better teams this league has to offer. With N’Kosi Perry under center, the Raiders have one of the best dual-threat quarterbacks to ever play in the ELF. I expect them to win against the Barcelona Dragons at home in Week 6 to advance to 4-1.


Previous Rank: 8

The Munich Ravens lost against the Stuttgart Surge again. It was a game that we were all excited for.  At the end, the Ravens just need to play more consistent. They now have an extra week to figure out how to get over .500 at 2-2.


Previous Rank: 9

Did the quarterback change from Steven Duncan to Josh Uribe really make sense? So far, Uribe has played in two games for the Panthers and threw for four touchdowns, 391 yards, and one interception while winning one game against the Enthroners and losing against the Galaxy. At the end, I do not think this move will pay off and make the Panthers a better team compared the Panthers offense with Duncan under center. But let’s see how Uribe plays against the Vienna Vikings in Week 6. A rematch against a team that the Panthers lost to in Week 3 which probably resulted into the release off Steven Duncan.    


Previous Rank: 10

How is this possible? Another game against a contender, another lead at halftime, another loss after the final whistle blows. If the Berlin Thunder cannot turn their season around by winning against teams of their level, they might have to stay at this spot for the rest of the season.  


Previous Rank: 11

Again, the Cologne Centurions stay where they are in my ranking. The Centurions are coming off their bye week to take on the Paris Musketeers on the road this Sunday. I believe they can give them a fight. But sooner or later, the Musketeers will pull away.


Previous Rank: 12

Just like the Centurions, the Hamburg Sea Devils are coming off a bye week. So for this week’s ranking, they stay put.


Previous Rank: 13

The Prague Lions were manhandled by the Vienna Vikings in Week 5. They do not fall nor rise because of the performances of the teams around them. It will be tough to bounce back against the Berlin Thunder this week who need this win almost as much as the Lions do themselves.


Previous Rank: 14

After losing against the Wroclaw Panthers last weekend, the Fehérvár Enthroners will play an opponent that they can beat. They will visit the Milano Seamen in Week 6. But after their performance in Week 5 against the Panthers, there is no room to move the Enthroners on my ranking.


Previous Rank: 16

The Milano Seamen did it. They have won their first match of the 2024 season with former Berlin Thunder running back Joc Crawford in their lineup. Their win against the Barcelona Dragons moves them up one spot over the Spanish franchise. But they still have a lot of work to do. However, they are heading in the right direction.  


Previous Rank: 15

The Barcelona Dragons have lost against the Milano Seamen. They move down one spot as they fail to produce on offense and defense to compete against better teams in the league. They are 2-2, but their only two wins come against the Helvetic Mercenaries who sit at 17.


Previous Rank: 17

It was a promising start by the Mercenaries against the Raiders Tirol in Week 5. Leading by ten points in the first quarter was something no one expected to happen. However, they quickly folded afterwards and went on to score no more points while the Raiders put 33 scorers on the board. With the release of Ken Hike Jr. and an injured Tim Hänni, the Mercenaries now even play without two cornerstones in their defense and special teams.  

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