Jun 6th 14:15, by Tim Hanswillemenke

Power Ranking – Galaxy crack Top 5, Lions rise despite loss     

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Jun 6th 14:15, by Tim Hanswillemenke

Power Ranking – Galaxy crack Top 5, Lions rise despite loss     

What a second week of American football in Europe it’s been! We saw some brutal losses, close nailbiters and dominating wins. But what are the top teams going into next week?

Let’s see where I rank each team going into Week 3!

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Rhein Fire (2-0) did their thing. But this was probably the closest they have come to a loss since Week 1 of 2022 against Frankfurt Galaxy as well. They will stay at the top for now. But Rhein Fire looks beatable! It will be interesting to see what the Madrid Bravos (1-0) can do against the German franchise in Week 3. 

Previous Ranking: 2

The Stuttgart Surge (2-0) came back in a close game against the Wroclaw Panthers (1-1)! The German franchise will have an early bye week this upcoming weekend and have time to prepare their Week 4 matchup against the Milano Seamen.


Previous Ranking: 3

The Vienna Vikings are 5-0 against the Raider Tirol in the European League of Football. After a confident performance in front of more than 10.000 fans, the Vikings deserve to stay right where they are in the Top 3.


Previous Ranking: 4

The Paris Musketeers delivered. A loaded roster with talent across the board showed what they are able to do this season in an astonishing win over the Hamburg Sea Devils. But how will the French franchise fair against the Frankfurt Galaxy this weekend?


Previous Rank: 7

No matter the loss against Rhein Fire, the Frankfurt Galaxy (0-1) have my respect. They tried everything to beat their rivals in a very close game. Frankfurt even unleashed the “Philly Special” which was one of my Week 2 highlights. The Galaxy are for real. But can they beat the Musketeers (1-0) on the road in Week 3?


Previous Rank: 5

The Munich Ravens (1-1) redeemed themselves in Week 2 against the Milano Seamen (0-2). Their loaded offensive line led by former NFL Hall of Famer Joe Thomas showed out in Italy. Now imagine Irish running back Tomiwa Oyewo back in their offensive lineup. The Ravens are for real, but they need time to develop into the team they can be with that kind of roster.

Previous Rank: 6

The Panthers (1-1) almost beat the Stuttgart Surge (2-0) in Week 2. Their offense lit up the scoreboard against the Thunder defense and the Surge defense in the first two weeks which is more than promising. But allowing 83 points on defense in only two games is just too much if you want to win against playoff contenders. Let’s see if the Polish franchise can figure things out against the Vienna Vikings at home this weekend.


Previous Rank: 9

Last week, I complained about the missing Berlin Thunder defense from last season. But there they were. Two-time Defensive Player of the Year Kyle Kitchens had a monster-performance against the Lions (0-2) alongside his American teammate Alexanders Spillum. Will they advance to 2-1 against Enthroners at home this Sunday?


Previous Rank: 8

What are the Raiders doing? Another loss against the Vienna Vikings and another starting quarterback who gets cut. I know it is tough to lose against your rival every year since joining the ELF. But why not give your quarterback more time to develop team chemistry with only two games into the season? I have to move the Raiders back one spot, not only because of their loss to the Vikings, but because they released their starting quarterback.

Previous Rank: 10

Talk about your first game in the ELF! The Madrid Bravos (1-0) were everything I expected them to be and more in their dominant Week 2 win against the Barcelona Dragons (1-1). But will they be able to poke the bear in Duisburg on Saturday?


Previous Rank: 12

The Cologne Centurions had a statement win against the Enthroners (0-2) at home last weekend. After their bye week, they will face the Madrid Bravos at home in Week 4. Will they be able to build on their success?


Previous Rank: 11

The Hamburg Sea Devils (1-1) got man-handled by the Paris Musketeers (1-0) in Week 2 in Bremen, Germany. Their bye week this upcoming weekend has the right timing to adjust and attack their Week 4 matchup against the Prague Lions with a fresh mindset.


Previous Rank: 17

I know the Prague Lions (0-2) lost again this past weekend. This time, they were dominated by the Berlin Thunder (1-1). But any other team behind them in this ranking would have probably ended up with a worse score. The Lions still have the potential to win some games this season as they have shown with late touchdowns in the fourth quarter in Week 1 against the Sea Devils and in Week 2 against the Thunder. But to have a chance against the Munich Ravens in Week 3, they have to start off faster! I don't belive they deserve to be last on my ranking because of their consistent play style and the willingness to get on the scoreboard no matter the situation. 


Previous Rank: 12

The Barcelona Dragons (1-1) slide down two spots because of their loss against the Madrid Bravos (1-0) in the first-ever “El Classico” of American football. Their offense was limited by the Bravos offense and their defense had their hands full with playmakers all over the field. Will they be able to win against the Raiders Tirol who start over at quarterback once again?


Previous Rank: 13

The Enthroners (0-2) had a promising first game against the Vienna Vikings. But they had no chance against the Cologne Centurions in Week 2 which is why they slide down two spots in this week’s ranking. Their schedule does not get any easier with a matchup against the Berlin Thunder (1-1) this Sunday on the road.

Previous Rank: 16

Coming fresh off a bye week, the Mercenaries will have a shot to win their first game in the ELF after their ownership change in the offseason against the Milano Seamen this Saturday.


Previous Rank: 15

Someone has to come last in my ranking. And after only scoring seven points and giving up 79 points on defense, the Milano Seamen (0-2) have to come last. However, the Italian franchise already reacted and hired their former head coach Tony Addona. Let’s see if they can turn things around on Saturday against the Mercenaries at 7pm CEST!


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