Jun 20th 16:00, by Tim Hanswillemenke

Power Ranking: Fire back in Top 3, Raiders jump up board

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Jun 20th 16:00, by Tim Hanswillemenke

Power Ranking: Fire back in Top 3, Raiders jump up board

A power ranking has each team ranked according to their current strength. The Rhein Fire managed to redeem themselves against my 2nd-ranked Paris Musketeers last weekend. At the same time, the Raiders Tirol maybe found themselves a quarterback in N’Kosi Perry that can do more for them than just be a short-term solution.

Let’s see where I rank each team going into Week 5 of the 2024 season!

Previous Ranking: 1

The Stuttgart Surge (3-0) proved why they belong in the title contender conversation once again. I know they faced the Milano Seamen in Week 4. But it is still difficult to blow out a team like they did at home in front of their fans. Think of the Surge as one of the favorites to be part of the ELF Championship Game this season again.


Previous Ranking: 3

The Vienna Vikings showed their vulnerable side in the first three quarters against the Berlin Thunder. But with two touchdowns and two two-point conversion in the fourth quarter alone, the Austrian franchise came back and won the game. Never count out the 2022 Champions, even when you think of the Championship Game this September in Gelsenkirchen!

Previous Ranking: 5

Rhein Fire had a wake-up call when they lost to the Madrid Bravos in Week 3. In Week 4, they managed to redeem themselves against the Paris Musketeers and showed what they can do when healthier. However, running back Glen Toonga played a great part in their offense. Without their dangerous running game and Toonga’s big runs, Rhein Fire would have struggled against a good-looking Musketeers team.


Previous Ranking: 2

The Musketeers had a solid game against Rhein Fire but came up short at the end. Rhein Fire’s Glen Toonga gained over 200 rushing yards against their defense which cannot happen if you want to win games in this league. Their offense was not productive enough to outscore the Rhein Fire at their home stadium. Let’s see what this talented team can come up with in their upcoming bye week!


Previous Ranking: 5

The Madrid Bravos are still unbeaten. With a victory against the Cologne Centurions, the Spanish franchise remains in my top five. Their new quarterback Steve Duncan looked great in his first game after being cut by the Wroclaw Panthers over a week ago. However, the Bravos need to play cleaner football if they want to keep their undefeated status in Week 6 against Rhein Fire after their upcoming bye week.


Previous Rank: 5

The Galaxy lived up to their potential this weekend and beat the Wroclaw Panthers at home. 2023 receiving leader Markell Castle had a great game with a go-ahead touchdown for the Galaxy to secure the win. As five other teams, the Galaxy will go into their bye week before they face off against the Sea Devils on June 30th.


Previous Rank: 10

The Raiders played with their third starting quarterback this season and got one of the most-exciting comeback victories in ELF history as the result. N’Kosi Perry proved the be the solution for the Raiders with a shootout against the Munich Ravens in the fourth quarter on Sunday. They deserve to jump up three spots with their new quarterback under center!


Previous Rank: 7

The Munich Ravens slide down one spot after their loss in the thriller against the Raiders Tirol. They were not able to close out the game with three minutes remaining and a comfortable lead. Let’s see if the Ravens, led by head coach Kendral Ellison, can come back and secure their next victory against the unbeaten Stuttgart Surge.


Previous Rank: 8

Another tough loss for the Wroclaw Panthers. I am still doubting if the release of Steven Duncan was the right choice. But John Uribe could not get his new/old team the win in his first game back in Panthers gear. It is now or never for the Panthers already in Week 5 against the Enthroners. Can they get over the .500 mark or do they get their first losing record of the season?


Previous Rank: 9

The Berlin Thunder did it again. Somehow, this loaded roster is not able to win in big games. With a ten-point lead in the fourth quarter, the German franchise had the game in their hands. But, as usual, they did not play until the clock hit double zero and were surprised when the Vikings scored back-to-back touchdowns with two-points conversion to take the “W” from them. The Thunder fall down one spot but stay in my top ten for now.


Previous Rank: 11

The Cologne Centurions gave the Madrid Bravos a real fight. I did not expect the Centurions to come out this season and be this competitive. They were in games with Rhein Fire and now with the Bravos and stood tall. I’m excited to see them against the Paris Musketeers in Week 6 after their bye week.


Previous Rank: 12

Do the Hamburg Sea Devils have a new go-to receiver? And I don’t mean Jarvis McClam. Homegrown wide receiver Neugebauer did the impossible and caught 13 passes for over 200 yards and two touchdowns against the Prague Lions last Sunday. He was voted the first homegrown MVP of the Week this season and could be in line for another great game against the Galaxy after their bye week. For now, the Sea Devils stay at 12 but they really showed their potential similar to the Centurions.


Previous Rank: 13

The Prague Lions were so close in so many games this season but start to score points too late. Just like Week 1, the Lions were not able to come away with the win against the Hamburg Sea Devils in a close and hard-fought game. And their schedule does not get any easier when the Vikings come to town in Week 5…


Previous Rank: 14

The Enthroners are coming off a bye week and will face the Panthers this weekend. They stay at 14 with optimism around their new signings and their roster restructuring.


Previous Rank: 15

The Barcelona Dragons were able to fight of the Helvetic Mercenaries in Week 4. But a 14-12 score against the worst team in the league at the moment does not give me any reason to move the Dragons from the 15th spot.


Previous Rank: 16

The Milano Seamen were dominated by the Stuttgart Surge this past weekend. After a good-looking touchdown by the Seamen in the first quarter, it was all Stuttgart for the remainder of the game. Will they be able to pound the football with newly signed Jocques Crawford, the former Berlin Thunder running back? At least the Barcelona Dragons look like a manageable opponent in Week 5.


Previous Rank: 17

Losing to the Barcelona Dragons keeps the Mercenaries trapped at the bottom of my power ranking ahead of Week 5. And with the Raiders Tirol coming to town, it does not get any easier for the Swiss franchise.


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