Jan 9th 11:00, by Chris Hahn

NFL Hall of Famer Joe Thomas lands in Munich to coach the Ravens

Johannes Roland

Jan 9th 11:00, by Chris Hahn

NFL Hall of Famer Joe Thomas lands in Munich to coach the Ravens

One of - if not the biggest new signing in the history of the Munich Ravens has arrived: NFL Hall of Famer Joe Thomas (39) has come to Munich to support the Bavarian franchise in the European League of Football in the upcoming season to coach the offensive line and to act as a marketing ambassador.

Sebastian Stolz (lt.), Joe Thomas and Sean Shelton (rt.) © Johannes Roland

"A very special place"

Joe Thomas: "I have the opportunity to do something really special here. I can make great experiences and memories with my family and at the same time I have the opportunity to pass on my knowledge from my NFL days to young men for whom football has a very special place in their lives. We will have a great time here together and play very successfully at the same time."

Sebastian Stolz, General Manager of the Munich Ravens: "Joe is an absolute enrichment for the Munich Ravens and for the European League of Football. The passion with which he works for us shows how important the development of the sport in Europe is to him."

© Johannes Roland

Former first-round draft pick and NFL superstar joins the Ravens

Sean Shelton, Director Sports of the Munich Ravens: "I still think it's incredible how lucky we were that Joe fell into our laps like this. And it thrills us all to see how much passion Joe is already putting into the Munich Ravens. We are looking forward to a great time together."

Thomas is a former first-round draft pick of the Cleveland Browns. He played eleven years for the NFL franchise and was named to the Pro Bowl, the NFL's All-Star Game, ten times during that time. Thomas was a six-time NFL First Team All-Pro and two-time NFL Second Team All-Pro.

He was selected to the Team of the 2010 Decade and was inducted into the NFL Hall of Fame in 2023. Thomas is the only player in NFL history to have played in over 10,000 consecutive games - without rest or injury. His record is 10,363 snaps. He now passes on his knowledge to players of the Ravens.

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