May 20th 16:00, by Alex Malchow

Milano’s new quarterback Zack Bronkhorst looks to begin a new era in Italy

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May 20th 16:00, by Alex Malchow

Milano’s new quarterback Zack Bronkhorst looks to begin a new era in Italy

Bronkhorst and the Milano Seamen set sail on new horizons

The Texas-raised quarterback comes to Milan to replace long-time Seamen quarterback Luke Zahradka, as the Seamen and new head coach Jim Ward go into their second ELF season with a retooled roster and new identity.

Bronkhorst steps in for Zahradka who spent six seasons in Milan, winning three championships in the Italian Football League before heading to the Frankfurt Galaxy this off-season. Bronkhorst commented on his experience so far with the Milano Seamen: "The organization and players have welcomed me with open arms. The organization has a great history of winning, and the goal is to continue building this franchise into a winning ELF franchise for years to come that attracts the best Italian talent. My job is to help them achieve that goal, and I’m more than willing to help in any way I can."

The college football standout leads an exciting group of Seamen playmakers

The international rookie recently finished his college career at Angelo State University (NCAA DII) where he threw for 6,359 yards and 49 touchdowns, earning all-conference honors two years in a row. During his senior year in 2022, Bronkhorst threw for 3,186 yards and 26 touchdowns and only six interceptions, keeping a high touchdown-to-interception ratio for his career. 

Bronkhorst’s play style brings a new element to Milan, as he’s shown off his athleticism in the past, rushing for 378 yards and 10 touchdowns during his NCAA career.

Exciting backfield actions

The 1,90 m quarterback hopes to help Milan improve off of a losing record in 2023 going into their second season competing in the ELF. Expect him to target new speedy receiver Tommy Wilson, along with Spanish receiver Juan Flores-Calderon, who won Rookie of the Year last season. Joining Bronkhorst in the backfield is former Houston University (NCAA DI) running back Patrick Carr.

The new quarterback has already gained the respect of teammates, as he commented on being named a campaign for the 2024 season: "The captains and our team have set expectations of ourselves, whether on the practice field or on game day. Anybody can hold any player accountable, as long as we are all working together to achieve our goals. We want to create a winning culture, and to do that you have to win. Winning is the only goal."

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