May 29th, 2023 00:00, by Tim Hanswillemenke

Mailbag Monday – 2023 Kickoff, Streaming Options, Key Players

You ask the questions, I provide the answers!

Monday Mailbag - You ask the questions, I provide the answers! © European League of Football

May 29th, 2023 00:00, by Tim Hanswillemenke

Mailbag Monday – 2023 Kickoff, Streaming Options, Key Players

You ask the questions, I provide the answers!

The European League of Football is close to its third season. It is finally time to figure out what teams will prevail and reach the championship game in Duisburg on September 24th! Will it be one of the new teams joining the league? Will the Vikings repeat their illustrious success of last season? Who are the best players coming into the season?

Those are questions that you may ask yourself and I am here to give you the best possible answer! If you have a question and want it to be answered in a future article, please look out on the league’s social channels every Friday. Just leave your question on Instagram or Twitter for me to answer in this article on Mondays!

Tanner.hurst.5 (on Instagram): When does the season start?

That’s great timing! The season starts this weekend with Week 1 kicking off on Saturday (June 3rd) and Sunday (June 4th).

Ttoomm.s (on Instagram): Will there be games on ProSieben MAXX again?

Yes. The German TV station ProSieben MAXX will have to games on free TV every Sunday and one game accessible online on Plus, former NFL and Hamburg Sea Devils pass rusher Kasim Edebali will work as a commentator and expert for games of the European League of Football on ProSieben MAXX starting this season.

aliceteinakore (on Instagram): How do you watch games from New Zealand?

All 107 games of the 2023 season can be watched via the Game Pass worldwide. The Game Pass also gives you access to all games since 2021 and to other exclusive content.


Lord_of_the_f (on Instagram): Will there be more new teams next season?

At the Kickoff Press Conference of the European League of Football, commissioner Patrick Esume announced that Madrid will be the 18th location for a franchise starting in 2024. In addition, he revealed that at least two more franchises will be announced in the future who will compete in the league from 2024 on. This means that at least 20 teams will compete to win the Championship Game in 2024 compared to 17 teams in this upcoming season.

Rampagequomony5 (on Instagram): Do you believe the Musketeers will be the team that’s slept on this season?

Whoever sleeps on the Musketeers better wakes up quick. With quarterback Zach Edwards leading the way, Paris looks almost as strong as any other team in the league. Their homegrown players are also very talented which could result in a playoff spot this season. Watch out for my updated power ranking on Wednesday!

Antoine_chossat (on Instagram): Who is the key player to look for in Week 1 Galaxy at Rhein Fire?

This matchups is already a classic. There are so many great players to look out for, but here are some thoughts about the game. First of all, I am curious to see how former Frankfurt Galaxy wide receiver Anthony Mahoungou fairs against his old team, now that he plays for Rhein Fire. He could be a difference maker since Nathaniel Robitaille will draw a lot of attention from the Galaxy defensive backfield.

But do not sleep on the Rhein Fire defense. I will have a close look on their best offseason signings on defense in linebacker Flamur Simon (Cologne Centurions in 2022) or Alejandro Fernandez (Barcelona Dragons in 2022). Both had stellar season in 2022 with their old teams and could elevate Rhein Fire’s defense to become championship caliber-like.

For the Galaxy, Jakeb Sullivan and Reece Horn will be the key on offense. They had an incredible connection last year and could repeat their success in 2023. On defense, All-Star linebacker Sebastian Gauthier is back from a severe knee injury. I am interested in seeing how far along he is in his recovery and if he lost any of his explosiveness from last season. If not, he will be a game-changer once again for Frankfurt.

Be ready for kickoff and get your Game Pass NOW! 

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