Feb 3rd 09:00, by TIm Hanswillemenke

Madrid Bravos HC Rip Scherer: “You play this game to win”

Are the Madrid Bravos ready for their inaugural season in the European League of Football?

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Feb 3rd 09:00, by TIm Hanswillemenke

Madrid Bravos HC Rip Scherer: “You play this game to win”

Are the Madrid Bravos ready for their inaugural season in the European League of Football?

The European League of Football (ELF) welcomes a new chapter with the introduction of the Madrid Bravos. At the helm of this exciting endeavor is their first-ever head coach, Rip Scherer. Scherer, a seasoned veteran in the realm of American football, brings with him a wealth of experience and a burning passion for the game. The 72-year-old football coach has spent several decades coaching Division I football and took on roles in the NFL with the Carolina Panthers and Los Angeles Chargers. In a recent interview, he shared his insights and aspirations for the team, providing a glimpse into the future of the Bravos.

From Curiosity to Commitment

Scherer's journey to the football in Europe began in the summer of 2018, sparked by an invitation from a former player to work at a football camp in Vienna. "I was shocked with the fact that there were 400 plus players in the camp and the players came from all over Europe," Scherer recalled, noting the immense enthusiasm and desire to learn among European players. This experience sowed the seeds for his future involvement in European football.

In 2023, a connection with ELF Championship-winning offensive coordinator Danny Mitchell reignited Scherer's interest in the league. "After traveling to Madrid for a 20-hour whirlwind visit I was sold on the fact that this was a challenge and adventure that I wanted to undertake," he said, underscoring his excitement for spreading the reach of football in Spain.

Building the Bravos

The formation of a new team is no small feat, and Scherer is keenly aware of the responsibilities and opportunities that lie ahead. "I am excited to coach our players and even more impressed with their enthusiasm and love of the game," he expressed. Scherer's focus on fostering a strong team culture and developing relationships in Madrid speaks to his commitment to not just building a successful team but also nurturing a community around it.

His approach prioritizes recruiting talented and high-character players, particularly emphasizing the importance of 'homegrown' players. "The pride that our homegrown players have to undertake this opportunity is contagious. These Spanish players are truly the foundation of our team," Scherer noted, highlighting his strategy to blend local talent with international players.

Expectations and Vision

Heading into the 2024 season, Scherer sets a high bar for the Bravos. "You play this game ultimately to win, and that is our expectation," he stated. While acknowledging the challenges of being a first-year team, he remains optimistic about the team's prospects under his leadership.

Regarding the players he has signed, Scherer is pleased with the balance of experience and youth, homegrown and international talent. He praised the early signees like Carlos Carrasco and Celestin Ngumbi for setting the momentum and attracting other quality players.

Gratitude and Team Synergy

Scherer extends his gratitude to Jaime Martin, Carlos Perez, Sebas Lopez, and the entire ownership and management group for presenting him with this opportunity. He also speaks highly of his coaching staff, including veteran coaches like Mac McWhorter and Dave Warner. "I am looking forward to complementing these coaches with a number of Spanish coaches," Scherer added, indicating his intention to blend local and international coaching expertise.

As the Madrid Bravos gear up for their inaugural season, they do so under the guidance of a coach deeply passionate about football and committed to the growth of the game in Europe. Rip Scherer's journey from an intrigued visitor in Vienna to the head coach of the Bravos is a testament to the growing appeal and potential of American football in Europe.

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