May 23rd 15:00, by Tim Hanswillemenke

Madrid Bravos – A team ready to surprise the league?

Paula Romo

May 23rd 15:00, by Tim Hanswillemenke

Madrid Bravos – A team ready to surprise the league?

The Madrid Bravos are poised to make their debut in the European League of Football (ELF) in Week 2 against the Barcelona Dragons. The Bravos, founded in 2023, bring a dynamic presence to the league with a striking color scheme of orange, red, gray, and black, reflecting both the vibrancy and intensity they aim to display on the field.

Under the leadership of head coach Rip Scherer, a veteran with extensive experience in NCAA Division I and the NFL, the Bravos have set high expectations for their inaugural season. Scherer's journey into European football began with a football camp in Vienna, which ignited his passion for the sport's potential in Europe. His commitment to developing a strong team culture and emphasizing local talent is evident as he prepares the Bravos for their first campaign​.

New team, familiar faces

The Bravos have built a formidable roster that blends experienced international players with promising local talent. Key acquisitions include former Vienna Vikings quarterback Chris Helbig and defensive standout and former Barcelona Dragons defensive back Luke Glenna. The team also boasts notable Spanish players like Alejandro Fernández, further solidifying their homegrown foundation​.

The 2024 season presents a challenging schedule for the Bravos, who will compete in the Western Conference alongside established teams such as the Hamburg Sea Devils, Paris Musketeers, Cologne Centurions, Rhein Fire, and Frankfurt Galaxy. These teams have rich histories and strong rosters. But the Madrid Bravos will be eager to prove some fans wrong!

Season Opener in Week 2

In their opening game, the Bravos will face off against the Barcelona Dragons in Week 2 on 2nd June 2024, igniting what is expected to become a fierce rivalry and the "El Classico" of American football. The Dragons, one of the original ELF teams, are known for their explosive offense and strong playoff aspirations under new ownership, including Super Bowl MVP Malcolm Smith​. So, it will be interesting to see what team takes the Spanish crown in less than two weeks. 

Fans in Madrid are eager to witness their new team in action, hoping to see a blend of tactical prowess and raw athleticism. The outcome of this initial clash will set the tone for the Bravos' season, as they aim to establish themselves as a formidable force in the ELF. The European football community is undoubtedly watching closely, ready to welcome a new chapter in European American football history to kick off this weekend.

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