Sep 21st 15:00, by Dominik Krauss

Greatest Storylines for the Championship Game

Justin Derondeau

Sep 21st 15:00, by Dominik Krauss

Greatest Storylines for the Championship Game

With the European League of Football Championship Game right ahead, here are the greatest storylines to watch:

From worst to first

The Stuttgart Surge have the chance to complete the biggest miracle run in European football history. After just winning two games in 2021 and being winless in 2022, Jordan Neuman took over the Surge and led them to the promised land in his first season as the team’s head coach. Now, they are just 60 minutes of football away from crowning themselves champions, going from worst to first in the span of just one year.

First undefeated season ever

But the Surge are not the only ones that have a chance to play a season for the history books. The Rhein Fire could become the first team in NFL Europe and ELF history to accomplish a perfect season. Standing at 13-0, Rhein Fire is just one win away from ending their season undefeated and earning themselves legendary status among football fans in Europe.

Championship at home

As if the possibility of a perfect season wasn’t enough, the Rhein Fire can make history at their own stadium in front of their home crowd. Since the European League of Football Championship Game is taking place at the Schauinsland-Reisen Arena in Duisburg this year, the Fire are the first team to host Europe’s biggest football game and have a shot at winning the title at home.   

Biggest European football game since 2007

The showdown between the two best teams in Europe will take place in front of a fitting crowd. The Schauinsland-Reisen Arena is completely sold out and 31.500 football fans will get the chance to witness the matchup between the Surge and Rhein Fire live at the stadium. This attendance makes this game the biggest European football game since World Bowl World Bowl XV, which took place in 2007. 

Battle of familiar faces

The matchup between Rhein Fire and the Stuttgart Surge is a battle of familiar faces. While Marvin Pludra played for the Surge in 2021, Benjamin Barnes was with the team for the 2022 season. But there is one more connection that many people tend to forget. Rhein Fire’s standout quarterback Jadrian Clark has played for Stuttgart Surge head coach Jordan Neuman in the past. The two worked together at Schwäbisch Hall in 2019, where the duo won 16 straight games together, before losing in the German Bowl to the Braunschweig Lions. Now, the two will meet each other on the field for the first time since 2019, but this time as opponents. 

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