May 25th 11:00, by Felix Pahl

Carlton Aiken Jr.: A versatile talent is back in the ELF

Helvetic Mercenaries

May 25th 11:00, by Felix Pahl

Carlton Aiken Jr.: A versatile talent is back in the ELF

Carlton Aiken Jr., hailing from Paulsboro, New Jersey, shines as a dynamic quarterback known for his versatility on the field. With a career spanning from college stints at Central Connecticut State, Gardner-Webb University, to Pace University, Aiken Jr. has demonstrated exceptional skills both in the air and on the ground. His impressive collegiate statistics and accolades, including being named NE10 MVP in 2022, underscore his skills - while his short tenure with the Dragons does not seem to give the right look.

International Experience: Making an Impact Across Continents

Before joining the Helvetic Mercenaries, Aiken Jr. showcased his talent on the international stage with stints in Poland's Silesia Rebels and Spain's Barcelona Dragons. His brief but impactful tenure saw him contributing significantly in passing and rushing yards, highlighting his ability to adapt and perform across different leagues. With the Dragons, Aiken Jr. had two interceptions and two touchdowns in two games, substituting Conor Miller for a short time. In a bumpy offense, Aiken showed some presence.

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A Force to Be Reckoned With: Versatility and Leadership

Aiken Jr.'s ability to contribute both in passing and rushing makes him a valuable asset to any team. His dynamic playstyle, coupled with his leadership skills, has earned him recognition and admiration from teammates and fans alike, connecting with his local teammates in the Alps. As he embarks on his journey with the Helvetic Mercenaries in 2024, Aiken Jr. seeks to further solidify his status as a force to be reckoned with in the world of football. If his offensive line holds up, Aiken could be productive.

Charting a Path to Success: Continuing the Journey

Armed with his experience, skills, and determination, he seeks to make a significant impact with a newborn team.

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