Jul 10th 08:00, by Tim Rausch

Best homegrowns: New faces emerge in week 7

Eric Muehle

Jul 10th 08:00, by Tim Rausch

Best homegrowns: New faces emerge in week 7

In the ELF, numerous homegrowns form an important pillar for their respective franchises. In this segment, we take a look at the top perfomers of week 7, with several players making their "debut". 

Tim Schulz, running back, Berlin Thunder

Berlin Thunder beat Fehérvár Enthroners with a clear 47-0 victory, relying particularly on the running game. Ball carrier Tim Schulz played a big part in the game plan. The German-born running back repeatedly found holes in the defense of the Hungarian team.

The 26-year-old collected a total of 25 carries, which he converted into 154 yards and three touchdowns. After a quiet start to the season, could this have been the breakout game for Schulz?

Pass-rushing duo, Panthers Wrocław

Is there anything better for a defense, than having a relentless pass rusher, who can make a play on every down? Yes, probably, if you have two players of this caliber. In a game dominated by defense, two players stood out in the Panthers' defense.

Krzysztof Wis and Hubert Ogrodowczyk caused a lot of chaos in the opposing backfield. Wis collected a total of four (!) sacks and eight tackles. Ogrodowczyk had 1.5 sacks and four tackles for loss. Both made sure that the Enthroners offense kept stumbling and the duo set the tone for a defensive battle.

Benjamin Straight, defensive back, Vienna Vikings

Benjamin Straight continues to prove his worth in the Vienna Vikings jersey. The defensive back went on an interception hunt in the "Battle of Austria" against Raiders Tirol and caught two balls.

He also made important tackles in run defense. He brought the ball carrier to the ground a total of eight times. With four interceptions in total, Straight is now leading the league in that category.

©Hannes Jirgal

Offensive line, Rhein Fire

They're often the secret heroes, but here they get their due! The offensive line of Rhein Fire, which is peppered with homegrowns, had a great day on the weekend. Rhein Fire cracked the 400-yard rushing mark and the Cologne Centurions only recorded one sack.

The offensive line repeatedly blocked large gaps for their running backs and kept their own quarterback clean. The highlight? A touchdown catch by offensive lineman Sven Breidenbach, who - for a few seconds - looked like a wide receiver.

Jordy Adjetey, cornerback, Paris Musketeers

The Paris Muskeeters' pass defense was glued to the opposing receivers. Cornerback Jordy Ajetey helped shut down the opposing pass offense. He collected five tackles and thwarted two pass attempts.

Against Hamburg, Adjetey was one of the reasons why the Sea Devils' passing game failed to get going. 

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