Apr 16th 09:00, by ELF Network

All teams for Season 2024 explained

Struggling to find your team for the upcoming season? Find out everything you need to know!

European League of Football

Apr 16th 09:00, by ELF Network

All teams for Season 2024 explained

Struggling to find your team for the upcoming season? Find out everything you need to know!

Struggling to find your team for the upcoming season? Find out everything you need to know below...

Barcelona Dragons

As a franchise from day one, the Dragons made the playoffs in one of three seasons, known for explosive offensive football. In May 2023, a new ownership group featuring Super Bowl-MVP Malcolm Smith took over, ready to take it all. 

Berlin Thunder

The team is based in the German capital. While struggling in the first two seasons, they made a playoff appearance in 2023 and are building a strong franchise step by step. Owned by German NFL-legend Björn Werner.

Cologne Centurions

Established in Season 1 and made it to the playoffs with ELF-legend Madre London, the off-season could lead to an upwards trajectory. From a city with a rich history including the worldwide known carnival from Cologne.

Fehérvár Enthroners

A sleeping giant from Hungary. With a rich history in European American football, the franchise wants to attack in their second season. Former Stanford coach Joe Ashfield leads the kingdom into 2024. 

Frankfurt Galaxy

The first ever champions. One of the most popular European teams with strong rivalries to the Rhein Fire & Sea Devils, Frankfurt is also known as Mainhattan. In Markell Castle, they signed one of the most electric players for 2024.

Hamburg Sea Devils

Made it to the Championship Game twice, from one of the biggest cities in Germany, the Sea Devils are the northernmost team of the league. With electric americans on offense in 2024, a re-build could bring them to known glory.

Helvetic Mercenaries

Located in the beautiful mountains of Switzerland, a team led by coaching legend Val Gun, passionate fans and an astonishing atmosphere could bring them their first playoff appearance.

Madrid Bravos

The newest addition of the pack. Madrid as the Spanish capital brings more glamor to the league. A roster with high potential and lots of experience could change the distribution of power in a strong conference.

Milano Seamen

As the only Italian team, it’s one of the oldest organizations in Europe. A promising roster, crazy passionate fans and young European stars featuring Juan Flores Calderon could make their second season a more promising one.

Munich Ravens

From the famous Bavarian city and capital, it’s not only the home of the Oktoberfest and the first NFL game in Germany, but also to a rich football culture. Joined the league in 2023, a bright second season alongside NFL legend Joe Thomas is on the horizon.

Paris Musketeers

Insane talent pool, representing the ‘chic’ French capital. Legendary ELF quarterback Zach Edwards is under center for a team known for hard hitting, passionate football and one of the most ambitious franchises.

Prague Lions

Joined the ELF in year three through the second expansion. With a new ownership group that includes NFL wide receiver DeVante Parker, the team from the Czech capital is looking to become a premier program in Europe featuring players like former Alabama Crimson Tide-safety Daniel Wright.

Rhein Fire

The reigning ELF champions joined the league in year two. Coached by former NFL HC Jim Tomsula, the team went undefeated during the 2023 season and is known for its high-power offense and passionate fan base.

Stuttgart Surge

Going through a fairytale story. Joined the league in year one, finishing with the worst record in season 2. The team made it to the final in Year 3 and are poised for success under one of the winningest coaching legends: Jordan Neuman.

Tirol Raiders

Rich history, strong organization surrounded by mountaintops. The team is always on for a push to the CG, having a vigorous rivalry with the Vienna Vikings. New HC Jim Herrmann has a positive memory of Super Bowl XLVI. 

Vienna Vikings

The team from Austria’s capital is one of the most prestigious football programs in Europe. Since joining the ELF in year two, the Vikings have only lost two regular season games and won the 2022 Championships thanks to their shutdown defense.

Wroclaw Panthers

The only Polish franchise is ready to rule the east. Building a strong roster for 2024, head coach Dave Christensen and his squad are the one to look out for and could surprise many.

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