Top 10 receiving leaders of the European League of Football in 2021

Many great wide receivers and tight ends were part of the inaugural season. But who led the league in receiving yards and other important statistical categories?

November 16, 2021
Tim Hanswillemenke
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Thunder DB Thiele trying to push 2021 receiving leader Constant out of bounce. ©Eric Mühle/Berlin Thunder

After the first ever season of the European League of Football came to an end, fans are left with amazing memories of incredible catches and touchdowns by their favorite wide receivers. There were so many great playmakers that turned short passes into long touchdowns or just dominated their defensive opponent in one-on-one situations.

Let’s have a look at the top ten receiving leaders of 2021 ranked by their receiving yards in the regular season.

French wide receiver Anthony Mahoungou was a dominant wide receiver and caught a total of six touchdowns in the regular season despite the depth the Frankfurt Galaxy had at wide receiver. Galaxy's starting quarterback Jakeb Sullivan threw the ball to several different receivers all season long but regularly found the Frenchman for huge gains and touchdowns.

Mahoungou currently plays in the CFL with the Ottawa Red Blacks after he was selected by the Canadian franchise with the ninth overall pick in the 2021 CFL Global Draft.

Hamburg Sea Devils receiver Adriá Botella Moreno is the only tight end that ranked in the top ten in receiving yards last season. With 489 receiving yards, seven catches of over 20 yards and six touchdowns in the regular season, Botella Moreno was one of the most dangerous and most productive tight ends in the European League of Football.

Former NFL receiver Anthony Dablé-Wolf was a force alongside Timothy Knuettel. Dablé-Wolf scored just four touchdowns in ten games but still recorded 532 receiving yards despite an injury that sidelined Leipzig Kings starting quarterback for a few games last season. The French wideout also caught six catches of over 20 yards in ten games played.

The Cologne Centurions already re-signed a lot of different players for the upcoming season, including American wide receiver Quinten Pounds. Besides only playing in seven games because of an injury, Pounds racked up 666 receiving yards and had the second most receptions of over 20 yards. Additionally, the Centurions 2021 leading receiver scored eight touchdowns which averaged over one score per game he played in.

The only Berlin Thunder receiver of 2021 making the top ten in receiving yards is Seantavius Jones. Alongside his 674 receiving yards, he displayed his deep-play ability with eleven catches of over 20 yards and twelve total touchdowns which ranks first in the league alongside wide receiver Timothy Knuettel. All season long, Jones was known as one of the biggest red zone threats in the league.

One of the best route runners in the European League of Football ranks fifth in receiving yards. Timothy Knuettel recorded 701 receiving yards, twelve catches over 20 yards and is tied for the most receiving touchdowns in the league with 12 total scores. On top of all his incredible stats, Knuettel was one of just two receivers in the European League of Football with an average of more than one touchdown reception per game.

The top four receivers of this list belong to just two franchises in the league. With Rémi Bertellin, the second Barcelona Dragons’ wide receiver made the top 10 receiving leaders of 2021. With 750 receiving yards, 9 catches over 20 yards and seven total touchdowns throughout the inaugural season of the league, Bertellin and Constant paired up to be one of the most dangerous wide receiver duos in the European League of Football.

The Wrocław Panthers have two receivers in the top three of this list as Przemysław Banat recorded just 23 receiving yards less than his fellow teammate Mazan. Banat even caught the same number of passes over 20 yards but scored a total of seven touchdowns compared to six by Mazan.

Polish wide receiver Jakub Mazan was a clear difference-maker for the Panthers in the Northern Conference. He hauled in eleven catches of more than 20 yards and recorded a total of 793 receiving yards which was the second most in 2021. On top of that, he caught the first ever touchdown in the history of the league against the Cologne Centurions in week one.

Barcelona Dragons have two wide receivers in the top four of this list. On top of an incredible year by quarterback Zach Edwards, Jéan Constant just dominated defenses around the league with his elite speed and his ability to separate from defenders. He ended up being the only receiver with over 1000 receiving yards and led the league wit the most catches of over 20 yards. On top of his receiving yards, he also caught eight touchdowns in ten games.

Honorable mention

Stuttgart Surge wide receiver and 2021 Rookie of the Year Louis Geyer clearly stood out as a great wide receiver who hauled in 450 receiving yards that included eleven catches of more than 20 yards. He will be a receiver to look out for no matter if he stays with the Surge for the 2022 season or not.

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