Aug 1st 09:00, by ELF Network

Signing deadline: Who needs last minute acquisitions?

Jonas Wicker

Aug 1st 09:00, by ELF Network

Signing deadline: Who needs last minute acquisitions?

The European League of Football signing deadline is close. Until 11.59 AM CEST, on August 1st, all teams need to submit their player licenses to the league. With all players’ signings being published every Thursday via the official website, let’s take a look at teams that might need last minute signings ahead of the deadline.

Raiders to sign another skill position player

With the Raiders signing quarterback Joe Dolincheck for released Christian Strong, they have found a good replacement for the remainder of the season. Whether the Raiders find the “Sean Shelton replacement” they're looking for in Dolincheck is still uncertain. First, he needs more weapons to be at his best. Philipp Haun, Adrian Platzgummer or Marco Schneider can provide great support. However, the loss of Jarvis McClam could hurt the team in the long run. The question is: Will the Raiders go with another wide receiver or trust their homegrown receiving corps that has already provided strong services in the past season?

Hamburg’s secondary problem

Rhein Fire, Frankfurt Galaxy, Paris Musketeers. Three important conference-matchups are waiting for the Sea Devils. Despite having players like Curtis Slater or Kevin Fortes, the secondary lacks depth. While players like Salieu Ceesay and Barry Maruschke have had problems against a rather weak Cologne offense, they will face bigger problems against Rhein Fire or the Musketeers. Who can take the position of the field cornerback in Ellison's system? A European defensive back could help, especially because it is unclear whether European Jakob Michaelsen will be fit to play for the rest of the season after his injury on Sunday.

An old face for the Panthers?

The Panthers have not shown any real weaknesses lately. However, the second leg against the Sea Devils revealed a problem. The defensive line is not yet as variable and disruptive as they would have liked. Last year, defensive lineman Dušan Novaković was signed shortly before the deadline, who provided instant help. Such a transfer could help the Panthers keep the opposing offense in check.

Fallacy in Frankfurt

One could be satisfied with the performance against the Enthroners. The Galaxy was superior offensively and defensively. Looking back at other duels, however, a clear picture emerges when it comes to a strength of Frankfurt in 2021 and 2022. The running game lacks explosiveness. In games against a strong defensive line, like against the Sea Devils or the Paris Musketeers, the ball is only moved through the air, not scoring a rushing touchdown and having under 50 yards rushing against both. The team was limited to the extent that Sullivan had to take over. The Galaxy should think about adding another running back to the roster before the playoffs. With Fischbach and Kaufmann, it could be tight against stronger defenses.



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