Vienna Vikings re-sign homegrown running back Florian Wegan

Florian Wegan was one of the best homegrown running backs of last season. With Karri Pajarinen also lining up in the backfield, the European Champion Vienna Vikings could have one of the most dangerous backfields in 2023.

February 5, 2023
Chris Hahn
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Vienna Vikings re-sign homegrown running back Florian Wegan
Florian Wegan is back in Vienna. © Hannes Jirgal

The Vienna Vikings have re-signed homegrown running back and former AFL rushing yards leader to a 2023 contract. The local hero was with the AFC Rangers Mödlingenfrom 2011 to 2019, joining the Vikings organization in 2020 before coming to the European League of Football in 2022.

Brotherly football duo

He managed to get 394 yards and three touchdowns on the ground last season, helping the Vikings to win the European Championship of the European League of Football right away. Florian and his brother Anton were a two-headed monster, with Anton having even more success than his brother in 731 yards rushing and six touchdowns, taking work loads from Florian who had injury problems into the season.

Have you seen this yet?

"I'm looking forward to another year with the Vikings! My goal is to pick up where I left off before my injury last year and of course win the title one more time," Florian Wegan said, only starring in nine games in 2022.

European Champion 2023! © Fiona Noever

"Welcome, Captain"

Head coach Chris Calaycay: "Without a doubt one of the best European runnign backs.  After getting injured early in the season, he came back and helped us win the championship with his TD performances in the semifinals and finals. He is a tough back to crack and has incredible vision.  Welcome, Captain, back to Vienna!"


With the addition of Pajarinen, the competition gets even bigger in the backfield of the Vikings. While some might argue that the football team of the head coach Chris Calaycay did not need an import running back for 2023, Pajarinen was truely one of the best prospects to play in the national leagues last year. Getting Anton back, as well, would mean having a dangerous backfield with light work loads for every one of those three.

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