Milano Seamen add more depth to their strong roster

The Milano Seamen are flying under the radar for 2023. A well-run organization takes the field in their first ever European League of Football season.

January 30, 2023
Chris Hahn
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Milano Seamen add more depth to their strong roster
Stefan Pokorny is the head coach of the Milano Seamen in 2023. © Milano Seamen

An Italian football franchise with the power to compete in the highest of all competitions. The Milano Seamen get little buzz on all actions in the offseason. Leading quarterback Luke Zahradka made a name for himself not only for the Seamen in the last five years with the team, but also as the starting quarterback for the Italian flag team and national team. Born in New York, Zahradka carries a dual-passport, making him eligible to play for the Italian national team – still counting as an American in the European League of Football.

Good football team - great athletes

His supporting cast includes former Sea Devils’ offensive guard Lewis Thomas, former Galaxy offensive tackle Francesco Runco or former Wrocław Panthers lineman Thomas Fileccia. With league’s leading receiver Jéan Constant and national team colleagues Gianluca Santagostino or Tamsir Seck. Add to it the Vikings’ back up running back from last year, Modeste Pooda and NFL international combine attendee Daniel Marshall, and you are looking at an offensive roster that is made for big plays to happen.

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Homegrown defense with hidden talent

With just two US-Imports on defense and homegrown weapons, the Seamen are building a talented roster to fight for every win in the Central Conference. Deijvion Steward and Marquise Manning will build the US-Duo in the secondary, while all the local talents defend the space underneath. Sleepers might be defensive lineman Marco Taddia or defensive end Samuele Cavallini, who gathered experience at the college level prior to joining the Seamen. Head coach Stefan Pokorny is known for his great coaching and could build one of the hardest teams to coach against. Some teams might be surprised by the level of play.


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