Frankfurt Galaxy sign junior national team captain

Linebacker Noah Sommer, one of the best young players in Germany, will play in the European League of Football in 2023.

January 13, 2023
Dominik Krauss
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Frankfurt Galaxy sign junior national team captain
Noah Sommer was a captain on the youth national team and the reigning GFL junior champion squad. ©Sven Stausberg

Frankfurt Galaxy head coach Thomas Kösling is continuing to build a strong defense. After already assembling the arguably the best defensive backfield in the league and a dominant defensive line, the linebacker position is the next group that will see enhancements. But who is the heralded talent that the 2021 European League of Football champions just signed?

Reigning champion and national team captain

Noah Sommer is a 19-year-old prospect that originally started playing as a quarterback for the Aschaffenburg Stallions and Hanau Hornets. With good size and a great arm, the German caught the attention of the Wiesbaden Phantoms, a team with a well renowned youth program.

After joining the Phantoms, Sommer also played for the Hessian All-State team and won the state title in 2019. The talented German did not play football during the 2020 season due to COVID-19, before joining Central Catholic high school in 2021. During his time in the US, Sommer switched from quarterback to linebacker. A move he would not regret. The German excelled in his first season at his new position, making the All-District team and getting voted as team captain en route to a District Championship.

Noah Sommer was an All-District selection in his first season as a linebacker. ©Lauren Martinez

Sommer made his return to Germany in 2022 and was an instant difference maker, playing for the Düsseldorf Panther youth team, the most successful organization in the history of German youth football. The now 1,87 m tall and 95 kg heavy linebacker was named team captain and led his Panther to a perfect season and a Junior Bowl victory over the undefeated Berlin Adler, in which the defense only allowed six points.

Besides dominating for the Panthers, the Aschaffenburg native was also nominated for the U19 national team for the first time in his career. His qualities as a leader shined through once again, when he was awarded the honor of being a team captain. As a starter, Sommer contributed in two dominant performances, including a 78-9 victory over the Swiss national team.

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Now, the German standout has the chance to show that he is ready to take the field on the highest level of football in Europe. With this being his first season on a men’s team, there will be challenges for the young linebacker, but due to his physical ability and leader mentality, Sommer has the potential to see playing time regularly and establish himself as a long-term option at the position.


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