Apr 21st 07:00, by Chris Hahn

Top underdogs: Keep an eye on this Centurions' wideout

Let's take a deep dive into the biggest underdogs!

Justin Derondeau

Apr 21st 07:00, by Chris Hahn

Top underdogs: Keep an eye on this Centurions' wideout

Let's take a deep dive into the biggest underdogs!

With the Pre-Season start yesterday, April 20th, for all teams of the European League of Football, you'll hear new names coming up with astonishing performances and dominance. Let's take a deep dive into the biggest underdogs!

Jannik Lörcks - Wide Receiver - Cologne Centurions

Jannik Lörcks is a household name in the region of Düsseldorf and Cologne. Starting his career in Aachen, Lörcks joined the Cologne Centurions in 2021, having had his best season yet in 2022 with 48 catches for over 500 yards and five touchdowns. Last year, he joined Rhein Fire with little production - now re-joining his former team in Cologne. The 23-year-old has still a long way to go, while he could be a reliable target for quarterback Isaiah Weed.

Hjalmar Nielsen - Safety - Fehérvár Enthroners

Nielsen is a reliable and underrated asset to the Enthroners defensive backfield. The young Danish safety won the GFL Bowl last year with the Potsdam Royals, now joining the biggest European league in 2024. He shows quickness and the ability to track the football.

Hugo Dyrendahl - Linebacker - Frankfurt Galaxy

A Swedish weapon for the defense: Hugo Dyrendahl is a hard hitting linebacker who played for the several European teams, also being a product of renown RIG Academy. In a defense that's known for great linebacking, Dyrendahl fits perfectly into Galaxy's portfolio.

Landström (rt.) is now suiting up for the Sea Devils. © Eric Ribé

Theodor Landström - Wide Receiver - Hamburg Sea Devils

In Barcelona, Landström was the only great target the offense had to offer. In Hamburg, he joins quarterback Javarian Smith and wideout Jarvis McClam, making room for him to become an even bigger factor. Watch out for this 1,94 m tall Swedish athlete.

Dominik Liechti - Defensive End - Helvetic Mercenaries

Defensive end Dominik Liechti is one of the quieter performers of the ELF. The 29-year-old homegrown veteran has learned to make the best out of every situation, racking up 51 total tackles, three sacks and nine tackles for loss in 2023. At 111 kg and 1,91 m, Liechti is a force to be reckoned with.

Yago Rivero is now wearing colors of the Spanish rival: Madrid Bravos. © Eric Ribé

Yago Rivero - Defensive End - Madrid Bravos

He is back. Yago Rivero is already known by his performances for the Dragons in 2021 and 2022. Now, Rivero joined the Madrid Bravos - coming in with a GFL Bowl title and even more experience. Born and raised on Mallorca, the Spaniard could be a force opposite of Alejandro Fernandez.

Tommy Wilson - Wide Receiver - Milano Seamen

After a year in the GFL, Wilson finally gets the chance to ball out in the ELF. As one of the fastest athletes in Europe, he ran an official 4.27 seconds 40-yard dash in 2023 at the Seamen' combine. Remember the name.

Jan Liptak - Defensive Tackle - Prague Lions

A huge frame and special skills. Liptak, being inactive due to injury in 2023, is now ready to show out. Next to Jan Starý or James Brooks, Liptak is a great addition to the Lions defensive line and brings incredible strength.

Jahn Jesus Lara Perez - Defensive Tackle - Rhein Fire

Lara Perez came a long way from showing glimpses of excellence to being a reliable force for the Centurions last year. At Rhein Fire, the 24-year-old could get even more production in 2024, if he keeps his path.

Novaković is ready for 2024. © Lukasz Skwiot

Dušan Novaković - Defensive End - Panthers Wrocław

Swimming, bob sleighing and football. "Mr. Can Do It All" was a quick and strong athlete for the Panthers in 2022 already. In 2024, Novaković wants to help in the title race to Gelsenkirchen.

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