Cologne Centurions sign quarterback Daniel Smith

The Cologne Centurions have found their quarterback for the 2023 season.

December 19, 2022
Chris Hahn
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Cologne Centurions sign quarterback Daniel Smith
Daniel Smith will suit up for the Cologne Centurions in 2023. © Villanova Athletics

With Daniel Smith, a NCAA Division 1 playmaker comes to the Cologne Centurions , who attracted attention with first-class performances in his three years at Villanova University in Pennsylvania. In 2021 he participated in the NFL Draft and was able to prove his skills at the New York Jets Mini Camp.

Known quarterback for the offensive coordinator

With Daniel Smith, the Cologne Centurions get an athlete who was responsible for a total of 48 touchdowns in his rookie season at Villanova alone. He proved to be a very effective quarterback in his three years for the Wildcats, leading the way as a leader on the field. Smith is known to be effective as a runner and passer on the field which the Centurions should profit from in next season.

The athlete from Leesburg, Virginia, gained his first experience in Germany with the Saarland Hurricanes - together with Cologne's new offense coordinator Christos Lambropoulos.  Both want to continue their successful path.

Quarterback with D1 football experience

"Daniel Smith is a proven quarterback. He already had great stats and a lot of success in Division 1," said Centurions general manager David Drane, who is excited about the Cologne team's new playmaker. "Having worked with our OC Coach Lambropoulos in the past helps us because he knows the offense system. We look forward to seeing a very accurate and mobile QB lead the Centurions in 2023."

Have you seen this yet?

For Centurions head coach Kahlil Carter, the signing is a milestone, "As a football family and organization, we became a better team today by landing our quarterback for 2023. Daniel Smith possesses the talent and skill of a Johnny Manziel and the poise and precision of a Steve Young. His familiarity with our offensive coordinator Christos Lambropoulos was just the cherry on top. We are excited to put the rest of the pieces around Daniel and our other recent signees. We got better today for sure! We hope other players in this league can see that we are playing chess not checkers in free agency."

Daniel Smith is also went viral on social media for his bizarre touchdown with Villanova in 2021. Watch it here:


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