BREAKING - Paris announced as new location for 2023 franchise

New franchise location announced for 2023 season!

September 23, 2022
European League of Football
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BREAKING - Paris announced as new location for 2023 franchise
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Another location will join the European League of Football in 2023: Paris, France.

With a real bang, the European League of Football says goodbye to the 2022 season and heats up the anticipation for the 2023 season: Before the great finale with the Championship Game on Sunday between the Vienna Vikings and the Hamburg Sea Devils in the 28 BLACK Arena inKlagenfurt, Managing Director Zeljko Karajica and Commissioner Patrick Esume can announce the entry of two more franchises: Paris and the Prague expand the field of participants to 18 teams.

After four additions before the start of the current series with the Milano Seamen, the HelveticGuards and the Hungarian Enthroners and recently with the Munich Ravens, the best league on the continent grows by two more locations: In ten countries, the European League ofFootball will inspire its fans in the future.

"When we sat together in the spring of 2020 and made plans for how the league could develop in the coming years, I wouldn't have dared to dream that this picture would emerge so quickly. This sport is also inspiring more and more people in Europe, and the European League of Football is fueling the growing interest. With Paris, Prague, Milan, Zurich or Munich, we are adding metropolises that make our product even more attractive," managing director Zeljko Karajica

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