301 days to go: What we expect from the Championship Game 2023

The Championship Game 2023 was announced on last Friday, let’s take a look at the upcoming 43 weeks.

November 27, 2022
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301 days to go: What we expect from the Championship Game 2023
Championship Game 2023 will take place in Duisburg. © European League of Football

With the Championship Game coming to Duisburg on September 24th, 2023, the European League of Football comes back to the Ruhr-area after being home in Düsseldorf in 2021 and Klagenfurt in 2022. An area where historic clubs like Düsseldorf Panther were founded and football has a stellar tradition already. North Rhine-Westphalia stands for grit, passion and sweat.

Heart of Football-Europe

In exactly 301 days, the kick-off will happen in the Schauinsland-Reisen-Arena in Duisburg, Germany. An arena that holds over 31,000 fans and in the regular season is the home of the Rhein Fire franchise. The site is located in the heart of Europe and is easily accessible from all places in Europe. The actual home of the soccer club MSV Duisburg, former Bundesliga club in Germany, is now to become a temple for football-supporters.

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Rhein Fire showing impressive home game numbers

While Rhein Fire would also like a home game in next year's finals, 17 other teams are vying for a spot in the Championship Game. More than 22,000 spectators in Düsseldorf and more than 14,000 spectators in Klagenfurt could quickly become a sell-out. The fans should get their money's worth - when at home games of Rhein Fire there are over 12,000 people visiting and one's own words are hardly understandable.

Rhein Fire's home games known more impressive attendance. © European League of Football


Teams competing for European crown

Teams have long been in preparations for the upcoming season which begins in early June. Rhein Fire, for example, has signed several well-known players to make the dream of a home final come true. But also teams like Helvetic Guards, Paris, Stuttgart Surge or Berlin Thunder don't want to miss this chance. The third European League of Football title will be decided in September 2023. Will Frankfurt Galaxy or Vienna Vikings win the second title, or will the victory go to another team this time?

Currently, the franchises are in full offseason mode, signing players and getting ready to attract thousands of fans into their stadiums. Players retire, new homegrown and international talents find their way into the rosters of the franchises. In the end, more than 1000 players, will get a shot to play in the best league in Europe. In 301 days, everything will come to an end and one team will be named: European Champion!


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