Raiders Tirol announce Kevin Herron as head coach

One of the latest franchises to join the European League of Football are the Raiders Tirol. Today, the Innsbruck based franchise announced their head coach for the upcoming season.

November 18, 2021
Tim Hanswillemenke
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©Flo Mitteregger/Raiders Tirol

The Raiders announced Kevin Herron as their head coach for the 2022 season, as the team reports.

Herron previously took over the head coaching duties for the Raiders in 2019 after well-known football coach Shuan Fatah resigned. In 2021, the new head coach for the Raiders Tirol led his team to the CEFL final and won the AFL in the same year. Now, the Raiders confirmed Herron as the head coach for the Innsbruck franchise in the European League of Football.

“I can’t imagine working as a full-time head coach for any other franchise. For me, the Raiders are the best most professional franchise regarding European football which gives us coaches and the players the best possible shot at being successful”, Raiders head coach Herron commented on his position as the head coach, according to the Raiders press statement. He added: “I’m honored to be part of the Raiders’ success-story and to be part of the next chapter in our team history – the European League of Football”.

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